Sex-Positive Slasher Eating With Your Rich 1 day ago   05:01

Kill it in the bedroom with Trojan Condoms, all you sex-havers in slasher movies everywhere.

#Sponsored by Trojan


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Andy Bustillos
Vic Michaelis
Avery Monsen

Director - Yuri Baranovsky
Writer - Luke Field

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Michael Holtz
How does a mask show so much facial expression?
Ella Hurst
As a concept it's ok but this is just bad
Finovich 10
The title made me confused.
CuriosityKilledTheCat SatisfactionBroughtItBack
Okay wtf that was cute?!
More people should be like mass-murderer

Although that is a sentence, which i... sounds bad... but it is totally situationally justified
Nahum Gautane
Did you know why the party is so quiet? Because they were the last survivor. The "mass killer" probably killed anyone in that house.
Unholy Grain
Wow...funny and sex-positive. Nice

It’s a very nice change from growing up with very abstinence-based sex Ed
brock beard
Michele Myers?
Адам Садулаев
Быть или
Bianca Aletti
sponsored, but i miss these cinematic skits.
Snoopy à la Guerre
this guy is scoring waaaaaaaaaay out of his league
Jam sandwiches
That a weird sponsor
My Vids
Was it just me did any1 else also read the title as "Sex position Slayer" for the first time
tallis113 dankmemes
The glasses guy looks like emperor Hirohito
Be polite.
Be efficient.
Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
• Loser •
Basically the pornhub of the dark web.
Blue Cloud
i just imagine the song when he leaves dont you forget about me
Lily Silva
I definitely would love to see this as like, a sex-ed type of series. Pretty funny with a pretty dam good message
Eli Schonrog
Screw YouTube premium ad free this is an ad
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Eating With Your Rich Sex-Positive Slasher 1 day ago   04:05

I’ll have the “corking fee.”

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Director - Ryan Anthony Martin
Writer - Grant O'Brien
Producer - Shane Crown
Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty
Director of Photography - Alex Pollini
1st AC - Michael Amico
2nd AC - Loren Azlein
Gaffer - Walter Lin
Key Grip - Jake Reeder
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Costume Designer - Patrick Glendening
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