Big or Small? Learn Opposites | Educational Outdoor ABC with Thomas, Edward 2 days ago   04:57

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Thomas, Diesel, Henry and James are inviting us to have some fun with them and learn a lot of interesting and educational things. Get on the board together with us!

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All videos on the ABC land are created by parents so that their children could study playing with toys such as Thomas and his Friends!


"Night at the Dance Hall by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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Велика Надія
ABC Land
beautiful video
Mai's Adventures
Awesome for kids learning numbers, colours, sizes and just good entertainment! Thankyou for creating a channel for our kids to learn! I've been inspired so much by kids youtube channels like yours. You've shown me how we can entertain AND EDUCATE our future generation! This inspiration led me to create my channel, Mai's Adventures, where I educate our children (hopefully just like you do but in a different way!) about nature and the world using Forest School principles, and then I encourage you to try these activities yourselves and see how much fun learning you can have in nature! Thankyou for educating our kids, keep doing the amazing work you're doing!
baby media
Lynn Guiles
How do you get different colored tracks?
Oliver Jonah Fusco
The big Edward is a glow in the dark.
Kids Fun Zone
👏👏My favorite part is when Diesel and Henry crash through the rock tunnel!! 😁😆😄Which track set is that??
tresguapitos saquing
Make a race Thomas vs salty
toy train master Uk
Ace is a car I can't help Thomas
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Outdoor ABC with Thomas, Edward Big or Small? Learn Opposites | Educational 2 days ago   07:36

Outdoor ABC with Thomas and Friends - best way to learn ABC for little railfans! Let's play at open air!

Thomas and friends funny learning and educational videos for preschooler kids and his parents! Play and learn with us and Thomas and friends!

ABC Land is a channel with educational videos for children. Thomas the Tank Engine with Thomas and Friends characters- favorite characters from cartoons will help Your kids learn English alphabet, colors and shapes. Your kid will learn how to write and read names of his favorite characters. All our cartoons are full of love and tenderness and created by the same parents as You are. Thank you for watching our channel.

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Italian Afternoon by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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