Inside a scam call center A scammer sends me a virus! - Part 2 days ago   15:49

Jim Browning
These guys are a particularly nasty group from Kolkata in India. They run a refund scam and this video shows what their call center looks like, how they operate, who and where they are. I've sent a link to the unblurred version of this video to the Kolkata Cyber Police (for all the good that it will do).

To see the unblurred version yourself, here is a link to the version:!/v/jimbrowning/zsgjr21a

There is more information about them on

I refer to a video where Christy has her files deleted by these scammers. You can find it here:

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Dude I've got an idea. I know you don't know me but maybe we could hacker group that shutdowns tech support scammers and help people get their money back?
over 1000 scammers have disliked this video
Legend Jim well done 👏👏😍
so what i learned from watching these videos
1. delete teamviewer
2. how to speak with a hindi accent
3. scammers are bitches who get stitches.
4. some heroes don't wear capes, but use Task Manager.
Fred Johnson
I got an IRS scammer yesterday. In a thick Indian accent, he said his name was Larry Davis with the IRS. What is your name. My name is Mahatma Ghandi. Click.
join the fist
Who would believe that Microsoft is just shutting down for no reason?
I told the guy to cook a tikka masala with his asshole and he got furious
Maximum Joy
This is your magnum opus (sp?). Fantastic as always.
Sourav Roy
You did a good job
Does D.Tube require you to have an account in order to view the video? I've tried to access this video on D.Tube and the video will not play in either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, I do not have an account on D.Tube. Has the video been deleted from D.Tube?
mayimbe alva
Dude you should be should be ashamed. You are making money by messing with these people. You are asking people to pay to watch your videos. On your patreon page.
Zef Cypher
It's amazing that someone like you gets to prevent these scams from taking place and saving potential victims from a lot of hurt and regret
PUBG Mobile Streamer
Bro I am from Kolkata and I know who this people are and where they work from..
Russ Taylor
@Jim Browning. How much money do you think these scammers actually make on a daily basis?
Doctor Doom
never been a patron until now. you seriously deserve it. awesome work, dude.
‪Social Security: Will Never Call you but Listen to this [email protected]😲
Henri Thibodeau
You are simply amazing!
That Guy
Please report this to the cyber crime center in India.
Guaranteed that Jordan tank top is a knock off 😆😆😆
Richie D
Watch this guys...these fucking maggots destroy lives...
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A scammer sends me a virus! - Part Inside a scam call center 2 days ago   16:05

In the UK, this video cannot be seen because of a 'defamation' complaint raised by someone claiming to represent Micro PC Support. I am currently fighting this because the video does give an accurate representation of what I experienced on 28/03/2018. It's a pity that YouTube have sided with a scammer!

Micro PC Support, aka TechCure, uploaded a virus to my desktop and looked at my personal emails while left on an unattended PC. This is Part 1 of this video. In Part 2, I listen to the excuses they make for their actions.

Details of this company and related companies:

Their websites: redirects to
Their website prior to February 2018:

The type of virus they uploaded:

What VirusTotal makes of it:

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