2019 Spanish Grand Prix: ON BOARD 2 days ago   06:16

The European season is officially under way! Watch how the battle for supremacy in Spain played out...

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Kelly Lin
Good job!Love you Lewis Hamilton!
ᑭᕼIᒪIᑭᑭ :D
Ferraris biggest problem is the highspeed of the car
Mini Wolfy
3:54, i think the wrong lap was shown lol.
D. C.
Sorry Greq!! Mercedes wins.
Jose Airton
Fórmula um 9 2019
Bruce Balvert
Carlos sainz made a good decision for mclaren
Bob Dillahunty
Rose are red
Violets are blue
Mercedes won this race
And will win the next one, too
Daniel Rodriguez
Wtf do they put in those Mercedes cars? Jesus’ blood?!?
IC Dub
I just got into F1 and every single race I watch, the Mercedes team starts at the front and it's pretty much smooth sailing the entire race...seeing the same guy win everytime has already turned me off the sport. I would imagine qualifiers put them at first 2 positions? Can someone relieve my skepticism?
legalizzate la marijuana andrea
Signori (si fa'x dire)della scuderia Ferrari abbiate almeno rispetto x ENZO FERRARI avete infangato un nome che in tutto il mondo suscita le passioni più profonde,chiudete su',baracca e burattini quelli che grazie all'apporto degli anglo americani siete diventati! E tornate a Maranello!
walter kibbs
Full Throttle with Alex Rossi in IndyCar 500. 2019. Faster than Formula One?. https://ufl.ae/videow/S-LVkwQ2umi&j=46i
Kenji Vangenck
0:22 Voice crack!! haha
Crofty: Lewis Hamilton gets a great start!
Me: Ah shit, here we go again.
@2:21 wtf is that noise the commentater saying kina funny

Derris Setyawan
"and for the fifth time in a row..it's a mercedes 1-2.."
not surprised
Golan Ssenkooza Mutesah
A few years ago this racist country called him a monkey whats wrong with Spanish people
Mic Mic
Lewis can get good starts, the Dickens you say! Get in there GOAT!
Hittrewweuy Z
Formula 1 has become so extremely boring and predictable , only one team wins having all the advantage and no one else has a chance
Formula E ... 8 races 8 winners lol , now that’s real racing
PBR.Gaming 7127
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ON BOARD 2019 Spanish Grand Prix: 2 days ago   30:01

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