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On this episode of The Stream we discuss three stories at the top of the week’s headlines that are rooted in the struggle for human rights.

Trump’s Border Visit:
US President Donald Trump heads to Texas on Thursday in an attempt to bolster his case for building a wall between the US-Mexico border. The president is expected to meet with border patrol officers to discuss what he calls a “humanitarian and national security crisis”, a characterisation his opponents disagree with. Trump’s visit comes as a dispute over funding for the proposed wall has led to a partial government shutdown and a stalemate between the White House and Democrats in Congress who now control the house. The president has said he might consider declaring a national emergency, allowing him to begin construction, if Congress won’t fund the project. We discuss the issue from both sides of the border with Al Jazeera correspondents John Holman and Kimberley Halkett.

Rahaf Alqunun
The United Nation’s High Commissioner for Refugees announced on Wednesday that it had granted refugee status to Rahaf Alqunun. Over the weekend, the Saudi teenager fled from her family while in Kuwait and flew to Thailand where she barricaded herself inside a Bangkok hotel. The 18-year-old claims she is the victim of physical and psychological abuse by her family. Thai officials had initially threatened to deport Alqunun but reversed course over concerns for her safety. Alqunun says she is certain she’ll be jailed if she is sent back to Saudi Arabia. The case has received international attention with many people posting words of encouragement on Twitter. Alqunun is seeking asylum in Australia where officials there have hinted her request is likely to succeed. We’ll discuss these latest developments with a human rights advocate whose organisation has been helping Alqunun with her case.

Cyntoia Brown:
The governor of the US state of Tennessee on Monday granted Cyntoia Brown, a woman sentenced to life in prison at the age of 16, clemency. The now 30-year-old was convicted in the 2004 murder of a man authorities say picked her up at a drive-in. Brown and her lawyers have maintained she was a victim of sex trafficking and feared for her life. During her time in prison, Brown received her GED and began taking college courses. In fact, she’s one course away from graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from Lipscomb University. Her case drew national US attention with celebrities and juvenile justice advocates calling for her release. Brown, who is scheduled to be released in August, says she thankful for the governor’s mercy and will work hard to not let him down. We’ll discuss the case with a documentary filmmaker who has followed Brown’s story from the beginning and ask what her case means for others in the juvenile justice system.

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Al Jazeera English
The segment on Rahaf Alqunun begins at 10:05. Before that, The Stream discusses the debate over US President Donald Trump's plan to build a wall on the US-Mexico border. At 15:42, the discussion moves to the case of Cyntoia Brown.
endless sky
Freedom for saudi women ! Thank you Rahaf Muhammed for taking up the fight !
I think she's just craving for red wines
Abu Taher rahman
A good Muslim treat with his wife as like as flower rose .
Grant Hunt
There is something very questionable about Rahaf's case. There are some women who are in trouble over in KSA and genuinely need help. Rahaf appears to have created a social media "stir" by posting very questionable content (even by Western standards) and publicly denounced Islam. It looks like she has done this just to claim asylum somewhere. Canada currently has a bad relationship with KSA and looks for any and every opportunity to tarnish their reputation on the international stage. Don't get me wrong, anyone should be allowed to leave their religion without persecution and KSA certainly needs to change a few things. But, it just seems that this is a political "chess move" to me.
Farhana Fathima
This girl is running on her hormones. As a teenager n a young woman its bound to feel, home as a prison😊😊No liberty to have boyfriends, sex, smoke or whatever that youth assumes cool😂 Not just Muslim, even Christian n Jews n Hindus n every other religion household too has ethics. She surely will regret or repent, but it will be too late😑😑 Nomad how strict or conservative a family is, but even in their worst , they'll never wish ill or do gross to their own kids. And this woman is now in man jungle, all strangers, perverts, unaware, different types n few waiting for a chance💔 disguising as false Hope, fake care, superficial love.
Saima khan
For God 🙏🙏 🙌🙌🙌 sake stop this bloody fake propaganda..that her is abusing her..
Infact Rahaf took a wrong route where the all is hell nothing well....Where there is no difference in father daughter mother son wife......She will learn this ruin system soon
john jay
kalid Al xayyari
Trump thinks everything is his life experiences full of forced sex and drugs!! And that Saudi teen knows by heart never to trust Trump
kalid Al xayyari
Trump is referring his life experiences on others!!
Islam is peace, ,she spoke lie,These people are misguiding everyone, and sahme people believe on rumors too, First research this news by their parents and then lets play on the news channel,,
Dragoslav Vega The Brazilian Nationalists
Al Jazeera is a leftist Globalist fake media
This whole rahaf qanun thing seems very fishy. She has 9 other siblings, evidently did not have any money problems since she stayed at a hotel, could afford a flight, had a smart phone. Looks like she had a privileged lifestyle. She could not have travelled out of Saudi by herself if she indeed needed a guardian to do so. The airport officials would have had stopped it otherwise.
Ross G
Shes a spy from Saudi Arabia. Why not help Yazidi girls?
Rationalist 101
Don't let anyone break your wings, you're free. fight and get your RIGHTS!
Cristelmoon Shadow
he has made the USA a laughing stock
Why on earth Thailand acting as some kind of vassal state of KSA???
Good verygood
Destroy all Arab countries so we can fuck them cheap when they flee from the country like Syrien cheap only 5 euros . Arabs are not the type of pple I like .
Lili 1234
Omg,,,kids milenneal,,,,,welcome to hell,,,u open ur hijab,,astaghfirullah,,,,
The good thing about Rahaf getting accepted by Canada is that it avoided big problems for us in Australia.
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