War in Ukraine, Part 44 (Lohvynove) | History 18.03.19: CANADA thiab UKRAINE 1 day ago   15:00

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This is the 44th episode of the series “About the ATO – History of War.” In 2014, the Russian Federation committed an act of armed aggression against Ukraine. The war has been going on for several years now. Hot on the heels, we are following the course of this war, tracing the links between military operations, diplomacy, politics and economics and are trying to understand how it all happened and, most importantly, why.
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Haribo 73
If, as Putin says, the Russians aren't meddling in the Ukrainian conflict, why do the supposed "civilian volunteers" from the separatist areas have the latest Russian military hardware and use them in a very professional manner? Surely, these very poor regions can't afford the weapons, let alone keep them fed with vast supplies of expensive ammunition....
Haribo 73
Ahhhh, the Russian propaganda machine....... spreading bullshit since the time of Stalin and still going strong under the modern day Stalin....Putin.
Haribo 73
Slava Ukraine, Slava Heroyam!!
been awhile since ive seen a war that wasnt about religious issues
" UATV is funded in whole or in part by the Ukrainian government Wikipedia "
..jebać w dupe ruskich i kundla putina !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These docs are great
Go Ukraine be strong,once you get the krem vermin out of your lands make Ukraine strong so the krems will fear your power,and remove corruption so the people can be put first.
Mike Kostelny
These documentary series on this 'Dirty War' between Russia & Ukraine is interesting; however, the background acid rock music is simply too loud and distracting.

To keep this (otherwise) excellent War Series to appear professional as a serious war documentary, is it possible to either: greatly reduce the high volume of this background music, or to replace it altogether with something less entertaining and of a more solemn sobering note, something indicative of the many valiant Ukrainian lives that have been lost in these real life-and-death struggles?!

[Consider: The World At War BBC Series, for example, and note the background music used there: very somber!
Not all all an entertaining background music score!
Very appropriate!]
Arem Datu
They are brothers...I guess you forgot to include the siege of the airport and the green corridor..wanna know about it. Nice docu..one sided.
Dennis SR
There's more than a few indie "Western" seeming journalists, like Patrick Lancaster, that dude follows "Ukrainian forces" recently lol...these guys were DPR? REALLY? They have new just released THIS YEAR Russian camo, new T90s, etc....lol what an asshole. When you hear these shitbags say "false flag", or say "oh these are terrorists and Putin will send peacekeepers"...those terrorists ARE Russian hired Wanger Group mercenaries...Even Chechens!! Don't think Vladamir is "too proud" to use them after wiping their families out inside out like he's doing there. This video regarding illusions, confusion, ALL TRUE...Just keep your eyes open. Research US Modern Warfare Institute about Ukraine's first battles...there were seriously smart old retired green berets of ours on the ground just watching and saw the genocides like at the airport when Putin said "if you put your weapons down I'll let you leave, we'll PROTECT YOU until you get home" and then Chechens waited outside and cut the kids' throats on their way home. God, what a dirty f$%king trick...EXPECT that sh!t....DPR? No, most of them have GRU in ALL their mid level and head officer positions!! Still are, and THAT's a fact...you see these nice old men, speaking Russian and saying "Oh the DPR is also loyal Ukrainians..." bullsh!t!!!! All of it's to sow confusion...that's the deal now. Estonia knows, Poland knows, all Putin's gonna do now is try to wear you guys out...DO NOT LET DOWN your guard EVER...He's obviously not into letting people surrender, or if so, letting them live if they can come to fight his "rebels" another day!!*
*I read and watched a guy on youtube named Dr Phil Karber, old SF guy, who studied all these tactics they're using now. Check it out for yourselves...or at least that's what I thought while listening to him and General Wes Clarke (US Army retired too). They were peaceful observers to ALL this, and if I was in Ukraine NGU? I'd watch those guys' lectures...*
Dennis SR
*PLEASE, Ukraine....until Vlad's GRU info thugs stop the chaotic online info mayhem, if I was in the NGU I wouldn't trust anything after I'd seen how online media and our lack of response (because they kept activating nuke networks every few weeks on us from the start till not that long ago around Crimea, even targeting VA and huge capitals here in the U.S) which was insane in terms of Russian paranoia that we were somehow orchestrating all this crap in Moscow when it was them doing it to us!! Just look at how this sh!t created chaos in the general freakin Baltics AND over the EU and U.S...luckily, we know whats up now but still...*
huy tran
Awesome documentary series
Comrade Matt
russia only humiliates its self Ukraine will march back into Donetsk Luhansk and Crimea again!
pierrick chaize
Love UA  -   France
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18.03.19: CANADA thiab UKRAINE War in Ukraine, Part 44 (Lohvynove) | History 1 day ago   06:17

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