Here's Why the Toyota FJ Cruiser Should The Volkswagen Thing Is Slow, Old, 2 days ago   25:36

Doug DeMuro


The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a special SUV -- and today I'm going to review the Toyota FJ Cruiser to show you why it deserves to make a comeback. First I'm going to show you all around the FJ Cruiser, and I'll show you its quirks and features. Then I'm going to drive the FJ Cruiser and explain how it drives.


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Jason C
If they had built it like the wrangler with a retractable/removable top, it would outsell the wrangler.
TheMan TheLegend
It sounded very echoey to me on the inside. I looked at an fj and an h3. I bought the h3, it's amazing. If I could do it over, I'd buy a better h3.
TheMan TheLegend
Good to see that rig has seen mud. Under the hood is a dead gove away.
Hi, Doug, I watch your videos on the Russian version of the channel, I like your way of presenting information, in general, good luck, be healthy and continue in the same vein ... by the way, there is no plan to review the car from Russia ...))) joke
Shiva Pillai
I can't believe Doug failed to mention one of the weirdest quirks that I have seen on any car. The rear seat belt is mounted on the rear doors ( 16:28 onwards). I am interested to notice what will happen if someone tries to open the rear door whilst the seat belt is fastened.
Chad Mithoff
The temp gauge is imperial/metric
Pacific Bay Auto, Inc.
actually the demand came from all the exporters, which drove up the value.
If you extend it, give it 4 doors, and give it subtle styling, you get a 4runner. This is meant to be something different.
Terrible color. You need to get these white over blue.
The FJ40 never looked like a Jeep, it copied a Land Rover.
Peterbilt 379
I like you Doug but man you can be cringy sometimes.
Tamás Nyapi
Really like your videos. Few things though you get too stuck up on. If it says C/F or E/M. Think about it by their point of view. Toyota are Japanese. This is how they differentiate the two. The rough design. Well. Would be better to carry anything on that surface than any cloth or plain whatever cover. The rear window opens if you have something overreaching the length of your trunk. Can’t have the whole trunk door swinging for a longer 2 by 2.
Dennis Korol
This car is HORRIBLE tupperware. Typical Toyota.
Mitchell Marcum
Evil Mod Pixie
E/M isnt hard my friend = English / Metric (basically the technical name for Imperial or the basic name for the USA standard measurement system.)
ThatBoy Gc
Doug the type of guy to stick his child in the glove box.
With the Ford Bronco being re-released, I predict Toy with come out with something else.
greggy weggy
Toyota stole the 3 windscreen wiper idea from an early Datsun Patrol.
King Albby
Fahad Almusallam
In the middle east it’s still for sale till 2019 the same car
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The Volkswagen Thing Is Slow, Old, Here's Why the Toyota FJ Cruiser Should 2 days ago   09:50


Thank you to Morrie's Heritage Car Connection for letting me borrow your Thing!!

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