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Greenhouse effect.
In a greenhouse, the sun's heat can come in but cannot go out. The trapped heat warms the greenhouse. This trapped heat helps in controlled growth of plants.
If there were no greenhouse gases to trap the sun's radiation the earth would be a very cold place where we would not survive.
This trapping of heat to keep the earth warm is called greenhouse effect.

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It's AumSum Time
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Biju P C
my fave subject is greenhouse efect
Hessa Almarzooqi
Thank u this was sooo helpful keep on going 😉
Emi Golda
Melanie Sante
I Love this video💖💖
Rhea H
Such a clever idea to inform kids about this. Definitely would have helped if there was talking and explaining as I had to keep pausing and reading it for my kids. Other then that, awesome video!
Very interesting 👌
light to the NEEDS
Very nice video.
They can be easily understand by children
Will u pls tell which type of software u are using to make animations
zari sikander
I really loved the video, it's both informative and enjoyable😂💓🙌
Fian Tolga Karanlee
The traping of heat to keep the earth warm is called greenhouse effect🌎
Ishan Singh
Please make a video on Facts on Science plzzzzzzzz
Ishan Singh
just amaaaaaaaaaazinggggggg videos cant be described in words lovely
uwu indeed
i’m in 6th grade and we have an exam of it. thank you!
Philotera فيلوتيرا
Would it have been more complicated to demonstrate the artificial increase of greenhouse gases? I would like to find a video for kids that explains global warming.
Roblox Fajar
venus is greenhouse effect
7879 7879
The sun is very kind waking the Earth up...🥰😜
Mantasha Fatima
Gk genius knowledge
Wow nice information...
et les patate
j'aime les fritte
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