Should the World Fear China’s Battery Powered Homes | Renewable 1 day ago   29:36

Will China dominate global green energy markets? China has overtaken the U.S. to become the number one exporter of solar goods and services. In 2017 alone, China added more solar capacity than the total solar capacity of any other country. How has China built its solar industry and what are its challenges? Government subsidies have driven development, but have also led to overcapacity and trade tensions. Should government subsidies be cut?

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L Kc
the rest of the world should feel obliged to China for its green energy efforts cos demand for world oil is reduced accordingly and so is the oil price thus benefitting other oil users.
anthony peter
Spic Democrat
While China is leading the world in renewable energy, The_Demented_Orange_$#|T#0LE tells young Americans that the future is under ground digging for coal !!!!!
who care
China is very clever. First develope economy then fix country problem.
Allen Johnson
My home is an average size in the UK (not the crazy American sizes) and i wanted solar so when i got the dude out he said 8 panels to power the house and to still feed some into the grid and get paid. I got 16 over 2 roofs to catch the sun all day. I don't pay for much electric (still have to pay at night) and i feed loads into the grid. I got them 7yrs ago and they paid for themselves a few years ago :) 20yrs ago China was a filthy place it's now flying past everyone else. yet any western country that sets a green target sets it for 30yrs away. China got an idea and went with it and in under 10yrs they seemed to flip how they ran the country! The Uk has just set a zero carbon goal......... 31yrs away in 2050! WTF is that why can't they just say 2030 and get going asap!
Nico Montinola
China steals our territory illegally
is there anything the world doesn't "fear" when China does something?
Citton Tmart
One question how to recycling solar panel, don't know why people call solar energy green if solar panel cannot be be recycled
Dennis Cambly
The oil, coal and gas industry are heavily subsidized in Canada and the US. You can see why Donald Rump yaks about being number one oil producing while he never mentions it is fracked oil.
Aussie Jim
China is the hope of the world... Look save planet you got my vote. .... Fuck trump... You dont need that.... you guys are our hope
londong hung
Only conservative states of the USA are against global warming /climate change and against solar /green energy. I don't know why my state, California have to subsidize/pay welfare (taxes) to keep these states from going bankrupt from fixing their own infrastructure(roads, utilities...) When your state have a total population of just one medium size california city, it should have no representation in the senate. When you're from a welfare state you get bought by big corporations and the whole union suffer because of equal representation.
Jonn Mero
Interesting difference between China and USA: China promotes peaceful progress, USA promotes more wars!
Angelo Bugini
It's a remarkable documentary! I truly did appreciate it so much. Thanks a lot for sharing! Keep it up!
Dave Price
There is no such thing as " Over-Production" in renewable energy at this point. You take the extra energy and cheaply produce Hydrogen. Any 5th grader can show you how. They want to pretend Hydrogen is not an energy but if you put it in a Hydrogen car, does the car not go down the highway? If you put Hydrogen in a Hydrogen powered Electric Generator? Does it not produce Electricity? (just like a battery). Hydrogen is the answer, not perfect, but so much better than just wasting it. What is the waste product of Hydrogen? perfectly clean WATER...
Scott Lewington
How about the nearly $5trillion that the fossil fuel and nuclear industry gets every year? Fear of this is just stupid!
My Dream is 100.000 Subs No Video
Keep hating, keep dreaming, westerns!
ahmed ali
No not really, actually they should fear your uyghur concentration camps.
Chan WK
When China said it, they doing it and they did it. And yet, US always blaming China on all kind of projects, from military expanses to BRI and even technologies.
Charlotte Nasise
We need to get on board, energy, greening the deserts and clean our waters.
Antony Robson
Look at these arseholes, your mindfuck media nonsense is old hat.
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Battery Powered Homes | Renewable Should the World Fear China’s 1 day ago   28:53

There's a power revolution heading for our homes – a device that allows you to take power into your own hands. Its batteries, home batteries, and they've been called the holy grail of renewables – the key to the transition away from fossil fuels.

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