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China's biggest hotpot restaurant chain by sales, Haidilao, started almost 25 years ago and has already established more than 360 restaurants around the world, including in Japan, the US and Taiwan.

The popular chain has opened Beijing's first robot-aided hotpot restaurant to much fanfare and is looking to spread the concept across its other outlets if it proves successful.

Reporter: Stephen McDonell; series produced by Pamela Parker.

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Oriole Masand
ok ok
Michael Keetch
Analogue is best. I am guilty of robophobia!
Rongyao wang
Zero tip robot !
Blue Shy Guy Productions
Joe 90 Roll2003
More FAKE stuff from the BBC!!
Television company acting like the despot regime China.Spying on all internet use of their targeted individual including internet banking and everything they watch or buy on line for years.As part if a television company dirty tricks for years with no consent without a warrant. End it and their in big trouble at a invasion of privacy.
Bobby Chang
It is coming....end of $15 per hour.
Huckleberry Fickle-Tickle-My-Fingold
Time to kill this archaic institution.
Subscription service, please.
Can we get the boys to subscribe to pewdiepie
Emilio Borselli
Pure demonstration of technology abuse&misuse. I want a robot that cleans floors, bathrooms, toilets, etc...Not a bloody cook or waiter. That’s just programming cheating. It’s easier than butter on bread making a machine taking a thing and go from A to B. Make it mop the floor... that’s a real challenge.
Jack Stone
Check out tommy robinson against panorama!
Heldy yuana
What backsound this?
Grown man Thing
This is not good...If everybody get robots. who gon spend the money.
Plus China is 2 populated to have robots.They gon end up having 300 millions unemployed(US population)
BB sha pee pee
I'm gonna rob one of those robots...
Rick Liu
Now BBC news is fighting for the machine rights against China. Bravo!
Mask Rider Channel
Driverless car: goodbye to all drivers.
Robotic factory: goodbye to all factory workers
Robotic restaurant: goodbye to all services crew staffs
Robotic armies: goodbye to all soldiers
Robotic dolls: goodbye humans
These service bot has failed so many times why people are still willing to invest in such things?
TI Ted
Fancy that, a bbc western man is required to introduce this clip. It's impossible for the beeb to understand it's own institutionalised and petrified values. Pathetic.
Tequila D'killa
Will the robot wipe my ass from the explosive diarrhea hot pots give you??
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Full Episode | The Industrial Revolution Robots staff China's top hotpot 1 day ago   51:14

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