I GOT IN A WRECK! SO I GRABBED MY CAMERA AND STARTED Stumbled upon a Lyft driver 1 day ago   18:31

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In this video I'm being as optimistic as I can, I glad we are safe. Feel Free to buy some merch! I love y'all!
Still more real than the mcjuggernuggets one
Tsmwannabe W
You don’t call the police but you call Your dad
Justice fire eating disco panda
If it was like an XJ or Geo Tracker something you could just push it back over yeah get a XJ
Gaming Time
first your bike and now this!
so you drive like an idiot and then keep asking how this happend ......
Yung Slatts
A true American cowboy never leaves his hat behind
Anyone else notice the massive crack in the battery next to the terminal when the cable was off?
Tyler Sheehy
It's not toltald chold have made it into a off road truck afew dents broken glass not the end for that truck just disable air bags put in role cage 5 point saftey harness
Jacob R. Doty
Oh shit you said Bossier lol. This was in my recommended and I grew up in Shreveport. Hope you come out better than ever from this. Everything happens for a reason man.
Just one thing I wanna point out as a trained Emergency responder, whenever you have any incident where you hit your head and it hurts go to the hospital immediately and get in checked out! I know someone that was drunk and tripped hit his head hard, he said he was fine and walked home, he was dead the next morning cos he had a compression head injury causing a blood clot in his brain
Heinrich Melker
Is your friend drunk? Or did he get a hard hit on the head?
Stephen Herber
Glad y’all are ok. And the sticker part was hilarious
Tyler Hager
Time for a Ford
Herb Vandenberg
Well Because of this video you have a chance of getting a new one. Glad you ok.
shane ryan
Yoo I flipped my 97 4runner cause of black ice. The damn thing had a quarter mil on it and it his a pole on my side pretty hard so I broke my clavicle but my baby started right up just the same. TOYOTA FOR LIFE.
Matt Williams
Nothing can separate a man from his cowboy hat
I'm loving the vibe of this channel man, Glad you're safe - And got a good laugh outta the sticker. Subbed, cant wait to see more stuff!
Sinister 197
Worst mistake, saying you were going too fast on YouTube
Eric Jr.
You said Bossier like Bossier city Louisiana because if that's true I live in Shreveport Louisiana and I am a huge car nut to heck and beyond all I can say man if you live in Louisiana hit me up I'm up to chat.
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Stumbled upon a Lyft driver I GOT IN A WRECK! SO I GRABBED MY CAMERA AND STARTED 1 day ago   20:41

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