DR Congo election: Opposition leader Congo's dandies give new meaning 2 days ago   04:36

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Martin Fayulu, the declared runner-up in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s presidential election, said on Friday he would challenge the results in the country’s highest court over the weekend.

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A opposition leader wins the presidency but the ruling party retains the majority of parliamentary seats? Rigged democracy. Kabila still controls security, finance etc. Felix was chosen by Kabila. The world is looting Congo
Jean Jacques Bukasa
Mr Fayulu has strangely benefited from French and Belgian media campain support as well as social media network, which has resulted in the propulsion of his candidacy without real base but supported by Bemba, MLC party president who was suddenly freed from the ICC in strange circumstances just before the election after 10 years in jail and Katumbi a rich businessman who has defected from President Kabila rank. They have used their money and relations around the world especially in Belgium and France to influence the result of the election in Congo. That was unfair to a party like UDPS of Tshisekedi from a poor country but which has been the main opposition party for more than 37 years, well organised and having a solid base in the whole country. The agitation you see from politicians in Belgium and France and media is from people who have been beaten in their own game and are claiming to be robed after their card Fayulu lost. Some catholic clergymen have played a very strange role recently. 2 weeks ago, while just few days into the counting of votes by the electoral committee, since they had also organised they own parallel counting office, with only 20% of their results in, they called journalists to declare that they knew who won the election but could not reveal the name. And then 1 day after the proclamation of the winner by the Electoral commission 2,days ago, while ,90% of the congolese people were all peacefully chanting and dancing to the winning by Mr Tshisekedi, in a country all the world had predicted will fall into violence when the results will be announced, the same members of the influential Catholic church in Congo did something strange again; without consideration at all of the consequences on the people they supposed to protect in a very flammable environment, they called journalists to say that the results by the electoral commission was not conform to the truth and did not give the name of the winner. And now its agitation again in Europe, in media, in social network by supporters of Fayulu and Tshisekedi and there will certainly be death of people. And me to ask, what interests are some of the Catholic church clergy men in Congo serving for them to be so agitated? Why they did not give their winner name even after the elections? Are they afraid that they do not have enough proof to substantiate their claims or to have contradictions in their calculations. The Pope must put order in its ranks like he is doing in the recent scandals by his men. All are not saints. The Church has been for too long infiltrated by all sorts of people: agents, spy's and you name it. With Tshisekedi and its party strong organisation, Belgium and France are loosing a country that they for decades always wanted to keep in weak state because more controllable for their own interests, a very rich country but yet its people are among the poorest in the world. It looks like they have lost it to Anglo Saxons. Now they are calling and running around the world and promised to bring the "stolen elections" in their terms to the Security Council and shake the whole world. They wanted to influence the election and they have been beaten to their own game. Belgium, France should be brought to international court for interfering in the Congo election and Fayulu disqualified. The Election Committee should otherwise reduce Fayulu vote to 1/10 of what it is to level the ground and certain members of the Catholic Church must not ignore things like this when dealing with people lives.
Nzambe Nabango
Comprenez mon émotion...
Je ne sais pas comment rembourser l'argent du Businessman KATUMBI, dépensé pendant la campagne à l'Américaine😭 61,51 % ? Ata bakosaka mais sala yango na mayele emonana te. Bon, tozali kaka kozela ba PVs pona preuve.🤪
Peter-john De Jong
African politicians : 0 sportsmanship...
Terry Tater
The Catholic Church a reliable source of information!? Lmao. This guy gets air time? Cmon..
James Smith
Of course. Typical lowlife African politicians. Sad!
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Congo's dandies give new meaning DR Congo election: Opposition leader 2 days ago   01:05

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