Golden State Warriors vs Houston SPLASH Brothers Full Highlights 1 day ago   09:58

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mas iqbal
Pj tucker lazy to make a screen...just only waiting in the corner
rin win
The refs carry GSw through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd round. And then Warriors fans are crying that they didn't get all the favorable calls in the finals LMAO pathetic
rin win
7:45 the invisible foul against Curry lol had to bail them out again
rin win
6:29 Draymond with the clutch flop.

Funny how Curry pushes off 95% of time when he's trying to get open and never gets called for it.
Michael Jenkins
The warriors has a chance to make history again
Ian Rasmussen
curry's stepback = fire
jessibel loba
my attention is always on steph's parents... they are so excited😍
Steph Curry isn't clutch-
Max Kellerman 🤣
Atoms Matter
Warriors are absolutely more exciting to watch without KD...(NO BALLHOG IN THE ROTATION) KD should start contemplating now for free agency coz he is no longer needed by the Warriors in the Finals. Steph, Klay & Dreymond can take care of the business themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
locke cole
I dont know why im rewatching this final minutes but God i hate the flopping whiny rockets.
Bill Davis
Houston and Utah jazz good enough to win a title but kept running into the bulls and warriors
Rockets defense lack discipline, no wonder GSW won
poor defense by CP3, old and short, no wonder Rockets lost
Useless Rockets, just some stats padding / bad defense team. Kobe was totally right, the way Rockets play will never win a chip
Teraylen Harrison
Cancel those State Farm commercials. Curry stole there heart.
Flower my durt goe duu shv
it is very not golden steat warriors why why everday game 5years very not only bad very not
Nancy Lorejo
Good job klay thompson
Wis Dom
6:43 Harden, see's him, does nothing.
marky saludes
Hi to all diehard fans of houston hahahahaha your team is so weak,,,i would like to say,,,,,,," more practice men " nyahahahaha
Conor Forever
I got houston in 12
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SPLASH Brothers Full Highlights Golden State Warriors vs Houston 1 day ago   15:12

Stephen Curry 36 Pts, 8 Asts & Klay Thompson 21 Pts | SPLASH Brothers Full Highlights 2016 WCF Game 7 Golden State Warriors vs OKC - EPiC 57 Pts Combined!

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