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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in Egypt as part of a Middle East tour aimed at reassuring Arab partners after President Donald Trump announced his plans to withdraw US forces from Syria.

He has given a heavily criticised speech, which many saw as targetting former President Barack Obama, who delivered one of his major policy statements in Cairo in 2009.

In a speech entitled "A new beginning", Obama tried to hit the reset button on relations with majority-Muslim countries, acknowledging a history of mistrust between the West and many Muslims around the world.

Obama also said the Iraq War had taught the US to look more to diplomacy and less to armed intervention and that the US was willing to talk to Iran without preconditions in order to reach a deal over its nuclear ambitions.

Joel Rubin, who served as deputy assistant secretary of state under then-President Obama and is now president of consulting firm Washington Strategy Group, talks about Pompeo's "anti-Obama" speech and explains why he believes it lacked any real vision.

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Pompeo interest is not about US, Middle East, he is just not true statesman.
suvignan pothuraju
First of all Obama set a world on fire and through is bullshit diplomacy he created more harm than good. ISIS has came into existence during his Obama's presidency, Crimean crisis has happened during Obama's presidency and Obama has been most notorious anti Israel President I ever seen
Paul Putyong
Yeah like this useless channel has no vision.
Delon Thomas
Troops pulling out of syria to go to attack iran
Katherine Gates
😒POMPEO YOU ARE PROJECTING HATE AND RACISM TO AMERICA❤ SHAME ON YOU!!! You need to get out of the White House and bring Trump with you!!! Please STOP the HATE ❤✌❤
Nikki Burris
Break the Story Video of a US Diplomat to Moracco attacked near Charlotte NC USA. Recovering from poisoning concussion reports Federal Equipment & classified State Dept documents stolen.
Impersonation by attackers Claiming Diplomatic immunity.
A missing Car with Consulate plate videoed in Wooded Shelby NC USA driveway.
Mary Lincoln
Obama Is A Two Face Lier....HE IS A TRAITOR TO THIS NATION..He Gave Iran Millions in the dead of the night...he Screwed this nation over by given Iran millions to make more Dangerous Weapons to go after Israel....and any other nations that don't follow...obama is a waste of skin....
Jo Ann Lewis
This is a prime example of why White SUPREMIST of America CANNOT be trusted. Remember, they hate Blacks, the poor, women, the elderly and themselves! Bottom Line - don't pay attention or trust these people - they also have no concept of how to govern, they're idiots.
ashley mccain
I think his speech was great that guy was dead wrong u can clearly see he was doing nothing but taking up for Obama that's all he talked about slamming Obama, that's exactly what the speech was about cuz that's where the problem is. Iran is the problem and Obama is the problem hes letting the world know we're not like OBAMA were helping the US not harming the US. That we mean business. Obama did everything to bring AMERICA to its knees but not this administration, there here to clean up the mess
Joel Rubin is deep state puppet. Current USA Administration is cleaning out corrupt deep state players worldwide. That is why puppets are constantly crying. Goal is no more wars. No more corrupt central banks that profit from death and destruction. Pompeo is a true, honorable man serving the people (like Trump & Putin) with a goal of lasting peace.
Awol Peace
So the US is partisan even in its international relations--foreshadowing alert.
Yassine St
"Arab leaders" are traitors to their citizens.
The goyim know
avni ajdini
both pompeo,and bolton,are looking for ally to attack iran?
The New Natives
No point USA trying to sound like they have the moral high ground whilst lambasting Iran.
Its no where near credible these days and a rediculous charade .
Its Saudi who is the bigger terrorist funder, and USA that supports the yemen crisis beside Saudi,
Its only USA that is illegally in syria , "guarding Syrian oil" and arming turkeys enemies who are supposed to be their allies.

Its israel and USA left the human rights council.

Its israel shoots women and children through a fence regularly with USA say so.

Save your breath nobody believes a word except brainwashed U.S citizens.
Inez Qtaish
Inez Qtaish vision is mines, i see evildoers seperated from believers and evildoers will lose, not three identical , one Allah, one apostle not others. Stop testing the power of one Allah period.. Inez say" evildoers don't want this noise, not a different world this is inez Qtaish world and Nancy Pelosi your no longer needed, inez Qtaish is speaking from now on.
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🇳🇿 NZ mosque attacks: 'I think 🇺🇸 Analyst: Mike Pompeo's 1 day ago   06:24

The mass shootings at the two mosques in New Zealand have shocked the country, but some people point out that the warning signs for this atrocity were everywhere.

Susan Devoy, the former race relations commissioner of New Zealand, joins Al Jazeera from Melbourne in Australia to discuss this.

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