Hang Challenge is the HARDEST Carnival Carnival Games at Dollywood 1 day ago   11:57

Plush Time Wins
We came across some carnival games while we were exploring around Universal Studios Singapore so we gave them all a try. The hang challenge has to be the hardest carnival game we have every played!

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Sean Atherton
I live in Singapore
Alyssa Slayer
Them: the wind is crazy 😝
Me: then why is your hair not flying 🧐
Kaci Walton
It would be funny if claw kicker and plush time wins are at the same carnival
Felicia Wilson
I got that giraffe on the same place.
Ivy Benson
Sarasota county fair is better
Bhel Roa
I think I did not visit your channel for months. I miss the "I gotta have the faith the faith the faith!" 🎵🎶🎵🎶
Roses are red
Daequan goes *REEEEEE*
The part you are looking for
Is 8:53
Vivi Darmono
I went there before
Angelgabriel Ellora
Wow is the unicorn
Doggo Pleun
8:21 :)
Killerbug 088118
It’s not the wind it’s them
Tiara G
Are you allowed to hang upside down on the bar one I would totally win
Lyric Ybarra
I won $100 from hang for one minute
Kaelyn S
I would hang on for dear life to get that cactus
caleb chan
I am from Singapore 😆
Tyrone Ramos
Is the girl host is kid or sped
Santiael c
I can hang only for 1:20 segs
Jorden James
Can u pls stop blaming it on the wind😑😑😑
Kimberly Pasqua
At 5:26 there are flamingos in the background!!!!! I LOVE THEMMM
the eliminater
the girls sound sucks!
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Carnival Games at Dollywood Hang Challenge is the HARDEST Carnival 1 day ago   08:08

While vacationing in Tennessee, we visited Dollywood. Dollywood is a theme park, so of course there were some carnival games. Here is a quick video of us trying out our luck at some carnival games. Who do you think will win the most?

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