How to backup your iPhone to Apple's What Is "Other" In iPhone Storage? 7 months ago   02:55

Your iPhone's photos and data should always be backed up, and Apple's iCloud is the best way to do so. We'll show you how to enable iCloud Backup, and how to troubleshoot issues like maxed out iCloud storage.

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Teddy bear Baby
When I go to back up it does not let me back up my phone and I followed your steps tp
Oriana Michinaux
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ajadi wale
I just found this affordable hacker on Instagram @hack_davis he's good and legit. He unlocked my icloud without stress💯💯💯
SilentWolf...Farts 🥚🥚 🥓
What about the stupid problem when you’re in the same house with both devices on the same Wi-Fi that’s plenty fast but iCloud does not seem to upload worth shit sometimes it takes hours or days for one stupid photo or video and my upload is 12 MB per second in my download is over 200 MB per second what do I do
Milena Tarabura
I accifently turn it off and now it wont turn on Please help i have iPhone 6
Young Vic
Thank u a lot u help me
Stimson Romano
Awesome review 👍
Jomin Ssi
Such a handsome guy
Does this deletes all your file and data and any other apps?
I’m need problems I cloud 🥴 backup. But late 🤔
مى عبد الهادى البياع
Omg this video helped me aloot
star pro
Can I view my iCloud photos on iPhone
Great video!
Joseph Carter
Hello! This video answered ALL questions on my wife's iPhone Xs Max back up! She is new to iPhone and she said she was going to the Apple store! Not now! She is VERY concerned with her photos. You have helped us GREATLY!!! I "liked" this and subscribed!!! THANK YOU for making this YouTube video for EVERYONE!!!
frowning smile
What does backing it up do?
but it doesnt back up contacts
Once you back everything up can you delete photos and videos and start over
Quality video!
Leslie Ferguson
Thank You I Found How To Do It
I deleted my photos but I still can’t backup
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What Is "Other" In iPhone Storage? How to backup your iPhone to Apple's 7 months ago   05:20

Two Apple experts explain what “Other” is in iPhone storage and show you how to remove it. “Other” can be a lot of things, but it’s usually cached photo, music, and video files.

There’s no magic button that just erases all the “Other” on your iPhone, but you can do a few things to cut it down:

1. Clear Safari history and website data
2. Set Keep Messages to 30 Days
3. Offload some of your apps

If all else fails, DFU restore your iPhone!

DFU restore iPhone 7 or earlier:
DFU restore iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone X:
DFU restore iPad:

Check out our article to learn more about “Other” on iPhone Storage:

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