[FIBA World Cup 2019] USA vs France, Kevin Hart Trolling NBA Players 2 days ago   12:19

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2019 FIBA World Cup, USA vs France, Quarter-Finals Full Game Highlights, DongGuan, China, September 11, 2019

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immediamal coccinello
September 11 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
TikToK Hay và âm nhạc Việt
Everyone please support my channel I would like to thank
Knight Rydah
This is what happens when u bring ur bench players and some all stars to play for team usa...this would be my team usa.
PG Steph curry
PG Russell Westbrook
PG Damien Lillard
PG Kyrie Irving
SG James Harden
SG Bradley Beal
SF Kawhi Leanard
SF Paul George
PF Anthony Davis
PF Blake Griffin
C Karl Anthony Towns
C Andre Drummond

That would be my 12 man roster. Notice how none of those guys represented Team USA. And if Klay and KD were Healthy Id put those guys in this yr. Smh!
Psychee Namsu
USA lose.!! 😅
Einztein Einztein
If the best players from the US played they would most definitely have been the FIBA champs.
What happened to you studs----------you turned out to be duds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stab Calloway
2 All Stars and 1 NBA 1st team player and other countries think this is the best we have to offer? This is why we Americans know for a fact we rule everything from Sports, Music, Entertainment, Business, Technology... and the list goes on. The true and only world Superpower who's greatest athletes are given a choice to play or not. We only care about the Olympics so we can continue to dominate every piss ass country and lead the medal count like we always do. See you in 2020 when our best will show up like you always send your best to both ... we'll spot you 30 pts and still beat you by 30 plus!
I know that our USA Team lost but it's still really cool and fun to see how far Euorpe has come in regards to being competitive at basketball.
Asalkoni Koasal
Usa hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah shit
Damn France's got a Midorima
No IQ at all. This the game that say defense is the best offense.
wong joman
AD, LBJ, Curry, Harden, PG...would they make it...?
swaggerz Swaggerz
France inspired Jordan logo the win
Mi Ri
Team USA is an embarrassment....
Nimbus Cloud
Team USA should've brought back Vince Carter one last time for a dunk on Gobert. You know like the one he had in his early prime.
Pharaoh Laze
Let’s be real if the USA had the real stars we wouldn’t be losing
loic raimbert
Usa needs more experience players
The Uberman
France deserves all of the respect but these new players on the US team have no passion.
El Don Chef
Just realized that Mitchell and gobert are on the same team
Marke Sertalkink
That is one UGLY basketball!
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Kevin Hart Trolling NBA Players [FIBA World Cup 2019] USA vs France, 2 days ago   10:03

Kevin Hart loves to mess with NBA players.

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