Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2018! Top 13 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2018! 1 day ago   37:32

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AngryJoe painfully regrettably presents a list of the most utterly Disappointing Games of 2018! Now remember these are necessarily the WORST, those are coming next, these just didn't live up to my expectations!
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Alexander Song
22:14 what actual fuck
Don’t cancel! This is my favorite yearly list
"When you buy a game with one good part of it but nothing else is good"
Madison Cozad
The disappointing list is important cuz games don't have to be dumpster fires to be worth discussing, a lot of the time the most frustrating experiences are when games have a lot that isn't even bad but still fails on multiple levels. So, 1 vote from me, please keep doing these!
Mad Maestro
Joe comedy gold loved ark 2 best angry rant !
Sebastian Ragosta
don't cancel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Swederska
Love all your content please don't stop the top 10 disappointing its funny af
Maybe split the list into two top 5 lists of games that disappointed you and games that exceeded your expectations.
What are you fuckin talkin about? Of course pirates took their vitamins! Remember how they started eating citrus to fight off scurvy? Vitamin C??
Алексей Бойцов
There is a big difference between disappointing and worst games. Please keep it up.
Yoann MIR
Don't cancel it ... This list is imho more relevant than the "top 10 worst " one
gillecroisd 92
Battlefield V shot itself in the face by telling its customer base, essentially, to go fuck themselves, after the customer base turned and tried to give some good constructive criticism on the game whilst it was in its beta processes.

When the Dev's try to pull the "right side of history" card (which, personally, as a Historian, there IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY, JUST HISTORY and those who participated in its unraveling) to a customer base that, honestly, don't buy the Leftist Media as it is and play the games to ESCAPE the bullshit, not be hammered with it left and right and up and down and over the head with the ever present sickle and hammer of whatever propaganda they decided to throw in there...

You now have a customer base that has spoken in its sales... They spoke with their wallets Joe. And its absolutely beautiful.

People realized that the only way such a corporate entity like EA, and those like it, will only learn when we crucify it where it hurts the most, its earnings from the customer base.

Lawsuits can be paid off. Financial loss from a highly anticipated game from the very community you hoped to accept it openly? Not so much in return...

Joe, people are waking the hell up. BFV was the last straw for Gamers. Especially with the not so subtle political BS. And BFV and EA paid a heavy price for their defiance against the people that give them their money.
A pirate game that robbed you of your money, sounds like the truest pirate game to be had.
WoLF !!DaRkNeSs!!
Well i played little like idk maybe an half of the game from shadow of the tomb rider untill i deleted because GETTING BOOOOOOOOOOOORIIIIIIIING walking to much to there and in another part withot anything fun of it...the single cool thing what i really love it on the game is the camera for selfies:))
Joe, more lists in more good.
Glad to see Sea of Thieves on the list. Way too many people kissing Microsoft's ass regarding that game. Battlefront II and Fallout 76 got ripped a new one for the same problems, but somehow SoT slid past everyone's hate radar.
No! Bad! Bad devs! No!
please dont cancel this!
Nineball WoT
I feeeeel like you missed a golden opportunity for comedy there Joe. When OJ was stooped down in the Laura Croft sketch at the very end, instead of bringing up both pistols with one upside down, it should have been a rubber chicken.

Edit: That is my most disappointing moment of 2019 that this didn't happen.
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Top 13 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2018! Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2018! 1 day ago   35:59

These are the Top 13 Games you should most look forward to seeing come E3! Check us out on the upcoming Youtube LIve at E3 show!

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