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We had a bunch of comments saying that we mounted our front suspension to the chassis of our cross kart wrong, which would result in stress on the mounting points, and eventual failure. In this video, we clear up the issue, and explain what we did and how our setup won't have the problems that some commenters thought it would. We also mount the front shocks (although they're too soft, so we have to redo them), the rear shocks and suspension mounts (using more Miata parts), and mount the steering rack and tie rods. We almost have a roller!

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That's why I always have a spool of flux core wire around. If you run out of gas or you have to weld outside in the wind, the flux core doesn't care.
Spag The Maker
Leeeerrooooyyyyyy! R.I.P.
Tom Zborovsky
Why didn't you move the bottom shock mount for the front suspension to the lower arm, near the axle? You could have also brought out the top mounts to make the shock stand up right as much as possible..
Can you put a full cage on it it looks kinda dumb without it
Itz_gray_ 2019
Better paint that up! The metal is looking pretty bad
Looking for a Yamaha XT200J 4 cycle motor and side panels skid plate and other parts if you run across a parts bike Please contact me. Thanks.
Hey carsandcameras i was wondering why there is an open 4 inch rubber tube coming out of my valve cover. When i was driving it hot oil started spewing out. Should i plug it????
DCD Laser & CNC
Great job guys! John, did you finish up your degree? What is the degree?
"I want big American car with tail fins."
Quick, where does this comment come from?
Come to think of it, I have an unused heim joint that is rather stiff. Sorry for doubting you!
Gonna be fun to see this thing rip!
Ross Templeton
Seems like you guys are filming w a better camera & higher def. Its almost like a TV show now, nice
You guys should've gotten a blueprint build. I've seen some ads on facebook for one called (piranha) they only sell the blueprints so it can be a home made project for the crafty, it's pretty sweet looking. It could've been great as a learning curve for future builds.
Mr. Unfazed
Zac Hutson
Great build. I'd just take the advice about the shocks. Straighten them up so they have good travel. Love the channel
Love the videos right now it looks like a bath tub with wheels
jacob pulley
I've loved y'alls videos from day one, wished I had a IT'LL BE FINE sticker, I'd slap it on my car
cL Foto
I’m trying to get a tillotson 212r engine but no where seems to have it does anyone know where to get them?
Jason Petrich
You guys did great, it looks awesome, people that build thing from scratch will understand everything done here!!!!!!! I want to see it rippin up the c&c grandprix
Ahhh it all looks good to me
edward linchester
Keep it up guy! Best build yet
As you know automotive new tie rod ends and ball joints are very tight in the beginning too so many people who have never actually worked with things shouldn't make comments. As far as saftey it's up to you I've learned alot in my life from making and doing sketchy things. Keep up the good work it'll be fine
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400 Horsepower in a Box - AND it's Smog Legal? Shocks, Suspension, CLEARING THE AIR | Cross 2 days ago   15:29

With the Culture Clash at the Burnyard Bash looming, we knew the G35 Sedan project was going to need some extra juice. So we ordered some juice... a lot of it. Via a Vortech Supercharger in a box. That's SMOG LEGAL. That may not mean much to 49 states in the union, but to us? That's a big deal. Because we need to be hitting the streets with hoods flying and exhaust popping. Literally.

Check out the California-legal Vortech Supercharger system here:

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