Streamers *SHOCKED* By NEW Healing Animations! *NEW* STORM SHIELD POTION 1 day ago   11:17

Fortnite Poggers
In this video Streamers React and are Shocked by the new Healing Animation / Shield Animation with Medkits, bandages, Mini Shield, Half Pot, & Slurp Juice In Fortnite! Fortnite Battle Royale Best Moments, Highlights & Fortnite Funny Moments & Daily Best Moments!

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Update is poggers
There should be a new animation for boogie bomb
jair guzmán
Only 2 reactions?
Rosalia Donaldson
Good content
3:00 I knew it! Mark Zuckerburg is a reptilian
ahmed athif
Chug Jug Looks Like Someone Sucking A D**k Who Agrees They Should Vault That Lol
James compilation
That scream in 10:42
Yummers Rodriguez
Please stop with the cringey ass fortnite edit intros you uncultured swine
noobslayer64 XD XD XD
The number of likes is who u are!
1: noob with no skins
2: noob with skins
3: average player
4: battlepass only person
5: terrible aim but good builder
6: terrible builder but best aim
7: good aim and good builder
8: rich dude with terrible skill
9: poor dude that is really good
10: pro
11: toxic kid
12: sweaty try hard/TTV/STREAMERBTW
13: salty kid
14: better than ninja (ninja is trash this isn’t a good thing)
15: Memer
16: Bushy boi
17: a new average player
18: a 9 yr old with 10k wins
19: the biggest noob ever existed
20: a 1 yr old with 1 win :)
(Also if I get to 1k likes then your a memer/a kid/a sweaty try hard/pro gamer/sweat TTV/ toxic kid/salty kid/ noob/ battlepass dude/ buys every skin in the game/rich kid with no skill/poor kid with best skill! :D
Noble Society
Yo dude keep it up! You have to stay consistent to grow your following, but its worth it
next season they gotta have new healing animations you can get from the battle pass like all these are free and are rare they are pretty cool but then theres like a common chug jug animation where your character sticks a straw in the chug jug and drinks and or instead of bandaging arm with the regular bandages you can wrap like a leg or head it would SICK
Timothy Van Raalte
Holy crap you need to learn how to pronounce common words.
Jeffrey Alexander
What is that song
1:37 when you realize how much of an idiot you are because you took big shield first instead of minis
Yasir Ali
Nice cool
Sammy Ryann
Guess what?

Chicken butt
I don’t see how it looks chat
litle star
the only good change in fortnite season 8
ziyon pohoiwi fam
Fresh invite lazerbeam with muselk in it and have a 1v1v1
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*NEW* STORM SHIELD POTION Streamers *SHOCKED* By NEW Healing Animations! 1 day ago   10:03

Daily Fortnite Battle Royal Funny Fails & WTF Moments #157
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