Colors Song, Nursery Rhymes, VIDS for KIDS in 3d (HD) - Excavator, 1 day ago   50:54

Educational songs videos to help your kids learn to count numbers, teach shapes, alphabet, letters, colors, learn words. This video has Tractors, Backhoe, Monster Trucks, Zoo animals and more to help educate toddlers with the 1 hour collection of nursery rhymes and educational videos for kids. Children will enjoy this 9 video compilation that includes Blippi's videos of The Tractor Song, Explore a Backhoe, The Zoo Song – Animals, Word of the Day "Spin", Monster Trucks for Children, Learn to Count Numbers 1-5, Hula Hoop, Months of the Year and Blippi's Promo.
This is a hour long compilation of educational videos for kids. If your child wants to learn for 1 hour this is the educational video for you.
Blippi –

The Tractor Song -

Explore a Backhoe –

The Zoo Song – Animals for Kids –

Word of the Day – Spin –

Monster Trucks for Children –

Learn to Count Numbers 1-5 –

Hula Hoop –

Months of the Year –

Educational Videos for Kids –

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dhave villalvazo
blippi . videos en español saludos le encantan los videos ami niño
rajvinder dhatt
I am jasper i love your vids xx
Andrzej Sitko
Carlos Eduardo
como vim parar aqui ?????????BR kkkk
Lee Sophia
davide olivi
k mkkob la
Arini Maulidah
my brother like excavator
Amy Gamracy
Rajeswari Raja
Rajeswari Raja
Avery Unkno
I just love you blippi
Royce Foster
my grandson loves this !
Jeremy Allen
Drew (3 years old) says he wants Blippi Car wash and Blippi Street Sweeper !!! Please Blippi!!
World of toys
Wow, good job Blippi :-)!
Valeria Peraro
nepramusinek krekas
Alana Gage
We love you Blippi!
Abdiqani Ozil
Thank you so much for the videos! My little brother like to watch.
Sheryl Rosales
Family fun pack
Regina Reyes
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VIDS for KIDS in 3d (HD) - Excavator, Colors Song, Nursery Rhymes, 1 day ago   08:15

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Play with Excavator - Digger Henry for kids. It is bright yellow and it is at work on some color cubes in this digger excavator cartoon for small children. yellow excavator Henry the Digger is watching you with his cute Winking eyes too. Looped twice so parents can offer their kids longer video and do quickly somehing else.

Now kids can learn about Caterpillar diggers and how they work with their hydraulic arm and big bucket in this physicaly correctly rigged digger. To see more Digger Henry videos just check our vehicles and machines playlist on our youtube channel and have fun learning about all other various vehicles and machines including airplanes and ships.

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