How To Save A Video Embedded On A Website Downloading Video from Websites 1 day ago   04:10

James Mackay
Learn how to download videos from websites.

Have you ever wanted to download embedded videos on website so you can watch it later? Sometimes right click, "save as" just doesn't work.

If that's the case you need to go into the "back end" of the website and download the file through the code. Don't worry, it's not hard. Just watch the short video. Here's a summary:

1. Use Google Chrome
2. Open the source code
3. Identify the video code
4. Open the video in a new page
5. View the source of the video
6. Download it!

Hope this helps!

I've also noticed that Vimeo doesn't work quite the same way. If you can't find the URLs, try this method:

1. Open the first video page, then VIEW - DEVELOPER - VIEW SOURCE.

2. CTRL and F to show find window, then look for "player.vimeo" and get the link that way. Make sure to copy the entire link from " to ".

3. Then paste that in a new tab.


5. CTRL and F to show find, then look for ".mp4" and get the link that way. Make sure to copy the entire link from " to " - go past the question mark

6. Paste into new tab.

7. Save as and you are done.

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Hi it’s James Mackay here. What I am going to do today is to show you how to download embedded videos. This is something people ask me for help with all the time so I will explain this problem first and then I will show you how to do it.

So this is an embedded video. If you right click on this, it comes up with all this strange stuff, where you might be expecting “save video” but it doesn’t work like that. This is the video that we want to download. We can’t right click SAVE AS. There’s no FILE, SAVE AS or anything like that.

First thing you need to do is be using GOOGLE CHROME for your browser. Then you come over to this little menu option box here. You come down to more TOOLS, DEVELOPER TOOLS. You just click on that. This is the first step.

That brings up all of this code on the right hand side. You don’t have to edit it. You come up to the top left corner of the code section. Hit the SELECT AN ELEMENT in the page to inspect. It is also known as magnifying glass. Just like that the video goes blue and then you come back over to your video page. As you highlight different things here, it pops up in the code.

We come down to a video and we click on that and watch the code as it highlights this video in the code.

What we want is to find the URL because all videos have their own unique URL. Here is the URL because it is underlined which shows us this is a link a www. It is not a dot-com but that is a URL. blah blah. The URL goes up to the question mark and after that doesn’t count.

As you can see I cannot edit this. I can’t COPY or CUT PASTE in there. We need to right click and we go to EDIT AS HTML. That’s step three. The URL starts after HTTP colon slash slash so these are the slashes. It is just different sort of URL. We come up here and we highlight the whole lot up to the question mark like that. RIGHT CLICK AND COPY. We come up to here, we open new tab and we literally just PASTE AND GO and that’s going to paste in a URL and that starts to load our video.

What we have done now is isolated the video onto the page and got rid of the rest of the page. Now the next step: come up to VIEW, go down to DEVELOPER VIEW SOURCE. That brings up the source code only of the video so it is broken down to the next level. Then what we are doing is looking for a video file and save a video file it is going to be a .mov .avi or .mp4.

Here is a .mp4 . We click on that and that should bring up a video file. There’s a video. What we have done is taken it from a URL up to a file name. We can right click on this because it is not a webpage, it is an actual video file and we can SAVE AS VIDEO. Call it whatever you want, we call it James and saved to the desktop and boom you are done!

And that is how you SAVE AN EMBEDDED VIDEO.

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John Carrigan
Great video mate but I couldn't find the URL. Found these instructions which worked for me. Maybe newer version of Chrome?
Visit the page in chrome and open ‘Developer Tool’ by press F12 or right click -> inspect element
Go to -> Networks Tab and click ‘Media’ tag in filter row
Click ‘Play’ button on the player. you will see a link in the networks tag
Just open that link in New tab. video will open in normal browser’s player.
Now right click the on the video and ‘Save’ to your local machine
Kannan K
Hi, I found the URL and paste it in new tab but I couldnt find the Mp4 or vid format link in the view source... pls let me know how to do it
Akshansh Rai
Will the downlaoded videos continue to play after the source has expired?
was messing around with the stuff and i think i found your webcam video was a .webp
Lake View Visual, LLC
Brilliant, thanks so much!
Emmanuel Tettey
This is a great tool. Thanks so much James
Xa Sancle
What about a Vimeo video which says has privacy issues?
c p
Thank you so much James, it worked for me at the first try!!!! 🙂🙂🙂
you're a legend, i really appreciate this!
Ronald Jansen
Wow, worked for me first time! But it seems the quality diminishes with the download. Any way around that? Thanks
Speaker Slam
Perfect! It really helped. Download 2 interviews from Global news website
This doesn't work on YouTube because they use :blob URLs.

I know it is possible to obtain it because I have a Chrome extension that can do it (but aren't allowed to due to the Chrome Web Store ToS).
You've just changed my life, mate. Thank you!
it's mae
Would this also work with video and download it fully in those that were cut in the middle due to membership?
jerusa shine
It worked till step one and after that finding url and pasting the same after editing in HTML ,the page showed " sorry due to privacy settings this video can't be displayed here"😔😔 Is there any way to crack this... please let me know.
I'm using windows7 and it worked on me I follow your steps and I have download the video in mp4 thanks for this tutorial so I'm subscrising
Michael Cincotta
can you make an update thanks
april benson
what if the video expires within a time period, can you still save the video to your laptop?
rahul kumar
i tried but this message shows
Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here"
M.A. Xxx
Does this only work on computers??
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Downloading Video from Websites How To Save A Video Embedded On A Website 1 day ago   02:36

A sure way to get Videos from any website you visit without the need for any software. Cheers Damien for Showing me this!

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