Top 5 Animal Team Combos Elemental Type Moves- The Secret 2 days ago   06:30

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coyote/badger cooperative hunting:

eel/grouper cooperative hunting:

anemone/clownfish mutualism:

oxpecker/herbivore mutualism:

tarantula/frog mutualism:

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Volcom Train
That runescape theme
You have to be careful because some oxpecker players are trolls and pick at open wounds to infect the wound and kill you.

I lost my adult giraffe after a lion pride attack and opened a wound around my neck area.. oxpecker players kept attacking there and eventually told other players to target that spot.. ugh..
Francisco Bacon
Pure Co-op
Love the Runescape background music
Raptor Cell
I was expecting humans and horses, as everyone knows, a human riding on the back of a horse is bad news bears for whatever the human wants dead.
Ethan Busse
sorry but in a human based meta, groupers have no place because they have the delicious property, meaning that in coastal regions they gut bodied by hungry humans
Sherif Oun
what about humans and dogs???
A low mobility stat on an eel? Sure they can't tango on land too well (way better than most aquatic creatures though) but in the water they're pretty much unrivalled due to being able to out turn almost everything and also they can swim backwards which is a rare skill
where are humans and dogs
insert name here
The frog and the tarantula team is pretty ambitious if you ask me.

Of course most tarantula players will usually not team up with them because they think they are extremely weak.

However an experienced, veteran tarantula and frog player will realize that teaming up so that booth of them work out on their weaknesses, can actually make that combo a very OP one.

There's also the human and the horse combo.

It was one of the most popular combos before the patches in the entire game.

This combo was used quite a lot in the past.

Horses have a very high mobility stat, though they aren't really great dealing with hostile players.

The human players have quite a big ATK stat and generally better stats than most of the other players, however, their mobility aren't exactly the best.

So if a human and a horse player team up, their stats become insanely great and become one of the most broken, OP combo ever.

Nowadays they have dogs, however, the combo isn't as OP as the horse + human combo, but still, is a good combo.
Wrinkly Brain
The scorpion and the frog. Oh wait.
Liam Fiddler
Clownfish hurt. Alot. I feel that divers pain.
Stanley Taylor
The best team combo is human and human
Thor The God Of Thunder
What about humans and dogs
I'll Tell Ya What
Caveman Spongebob
Don't ox Packers end up sucking the animal's blood
The combination of human and dog is op in my opinion
Joel Kennedy
Oxpeckers would rather pick scabs and lick up the blood than eat actual paradites.
"avengers is the most ambitious crossov..." Tarantula + frog
Command Crafter
I'm a scorpion player. Any other players that can help me out? I'm tired of getting spawn killed.
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Elemental Type Moves- The Secret Top 5 Animal Team Combos 2 days ago   04:57

Most players get through the entire game with only normal type attacks. Moves that deal either slash, stab, or crush type damage. But there are other options available! With TierZoo's guide to the elements, you can subvert normal defenses and dominate the meta.

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