Went and started Phase 2 of the BARN THE SAWMILL IS BACK!! 2 days ago   24:10

Lumnah Acres
Went and started Phase 2 of the BARN build and THIS HAPPENED

Where we got our Post and Beam Barn Kit From ~ http://bit.ly/2LjBmeT

Link to Morgan's Channel and the Video he made about the BARN! http://bit.ly/2xJRnkl

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Lumnah Acres
Link to the video Morgan made about the barn and some questions he had about it. You might have the same ones! http://bit.ly/2xJRnkl
Holly G
Where did you go to start it? You'd think starting this on your own land would be easier.
You "went and started..." it where?
Preston Gilbert
I really love that barn. I am envious and happy for you at the same time.
wiwolfpup shlzam
Dewalt,,,,, why are you NOT sponsoring this guy,,,, ???
srq lisa
You could always donate your extra eggs to a local food bank at a church. just a thought. : )Peace
So you get help doing the things you can pretty much do yourself, and do the stuff that you could really use help with by yourself. Yep, that sounds like how it tends to work out.
Ed Willett
Good mourning Al, I have a cat named Suzie, I have been talking to Suzie for about 10 years. Never any reply until two months ago, in one of our many conversation Suzie related the meaning of life to me. For $2 I'll tell you 73 Ed
Linda Williams
yea, I saw cog hill farms in Alabama do that with there tractor last year after the rains
Clarence Feddes
Anchor bolts are best when installed into concrete just after it is poured. They vertually last forever then
Flat Earth Reset
I find straw in the garden doesnt stop weeds it just hides them..lol I guess it depends on the weed too
Flat Earth Reset
WOW those pigs got big fast also looks like they have more fat. And that means BACON
Wendy K
Gina, your gardens look beautiful. Thank you Morgan for helping Al
mountain patriot
That looks like a broody hen to me. We just moved ours. The rest of the flock wasn't laying cause she kept chasing them off. Lost 50% of our eggs due to her grumpiness. And we don't even have a rooster. So there aren't any chicks.
Every time you open the nesting boxes I think ......Skunk!!
Zoltán Vass
Hi! I'm from Europe-Hungary, and would like to ask that these are pinewoods? How will you protect the barn against mouse/rat  (as they can make holes in the pinewood)? Regarding the base pinewood water protection, that piece of polistyrol band cuold be enough? Would be a bitumen base better for that job?I'm just thinking about to build some similar structure, and these are the questions rased up....
Deborah Fonner
I love watchin goldshaw farms
Jimmy Clark
Fantastic video, I know you're excited about the barn, you have to be because I am. And it's not even my barn. I'm definitely going to use one of their prefab kits for my next project.
Thanks for sharing it with us, Jimmy
Pamela Roden
It cracks me up how Hope sucks in her big tummy and still gets into the feeder.
B. W. Starkey
Where was Morgan when you were putting up all of those rafters that you should have had helping you instead of doing it all by yourself ??
Diane Tucker
Nothing like the sound of rain on a metal roof....puts me right to sleep. I would have climbed that ladder to the loft & had a nice quick nap.😍
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THE SAWMILL IS BACK!! Went and started Phase 2 of the BARN 2 days ago   31:05

Video #1 in this series: https://ufl.ae/videow/aO-BNZjKj64
Video #2: https://ufl.ae/videow/RMx1K4lFQvs
Video #3: https://ufl.ae/videow/5R87XggWZei
Video #4: https://ufl.ae/videow/Z8CHIHG6S9G

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