The Next End of the World | C.I.A. Classified HIDDEN TEACHINGS of the Bible That 1 day ago   25:45

UPDATE (March 2019): The rest of the book, including the missing postlude (40 pages) has been found. Watch the whole series to see more!

[Original Description] The C.I.A. classified a 284-page book on earth's catastrophe cycle and crust displacement in 1966. With the focus and publicity of the topic at the time, why classify THIS one, wait so long to release it, and so-heavily sanitize the document down to 57 pages?

Read the document for yourself:

We have more videos slated in the coming weeks on this topic. They will appear here and on the SuspectSky YouTube channel.

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UPDATE (March 2019): The rest of the book, including the missing postlude (40 pages) has been found. This is episode 1. Watch the whole series to see more!
Draztiq Meshaz
18:15 the Black Knight, a circumpolar satellite discover by radio astronomy long before being physically sighted.
Marian B.
Here's another CIA report, released in May 2012, related to the effect of nonionizing electromagnetic radiation on living bodies., a study of 1977 published by the USSR.
John Wick
This is weird.

2013: Brennan was involved into the CIA.

I have skepticism about anything produced considering a following CIA director said "we lie, we cheat, we steal" all of which went against his previous training and previous oath during his military training.

Can anybody find out anything further on this?
John Wick
Two minutes in: sounds like pole reversal
ShaeD 1z
Gps is f up the weather is f up the earth is movin and spewing as i write this, the government is falling , when will they wake up. Oh ya doesnt matter we tried for hundreds.of years now to be rip by your fake fathera
ShaeD 1z
1.7k thumbs down , must be them sheep who dont know how to open that eye and see whats going on as we see this ,rather drink and smoke there lifes away , enjoy your time us up......
Oscar Zamora
Annie Bee
Incredible almost 2 hr interview with Ben, April 2019. You'll appreciate watching
Thoughts on the Catastrophe Cycle:
1. The amount of ice at the poles will vary from one passing to the next, varying the amount of torque/displacement the crust experiences.
2. We're uncertain as to the thickness of the null zone at various locations. Some passages through the zone may happen vary fast. How do
we get a reading on its location and thickness. Do we have any satellites capable of finding it?
Matt McDonald
Here because of Brightside Insight. You 2 guys are exposing those who are willing to just listen to a mind blowing possibility. Keep up the good work. Subbed!
The fact the CIA had this book classified and released a heavily sanitized version PROVES there is something to all of this they don't want us to know
laycee MD ayesha
If u like the bid u want the world to end
William Vinyard
Yes this is one the way. For mankind is destroying the planet. Yes to happen soon for those who are intelligent and government scientist is all cause of greed. The planet gave us the 3 neccisitties of life. It provided food, material for shelter, both animals and non animals sources for clothing.
Sunlight gacha
As you can see I am girl lives with hope and not hope. The world is not going to end if we clean the world it will be fine but in 3001 there is no poeple or hope it will be just sadness the world cry the star fall one by one the gods are sad there is really hope out there I can feel it in my heart
Ingolf Stern
"Chan Thomas" is perhaps an alumnus of Grill-Flame/Centerlane/Stargate: a "channel". They did a LOT of "earth changes" observations in the 70's. Others did as well. Bob Monroe et al.
Ingolf Stern
All of this was described in great(er) detail by Doris Lessing in the "Shikasta" series. Johor of Canopus is over the earth in a transport craft when it happens. He is tossed around, observes the shift, the water, and then the ice from the air and barely makes it alive even in an advanced aircraft. Doris Lessing was the student of a Sufi Mystic and her esoteric practices deeply influenced her work, particularly the Canopus in Argos series.
Years ago a WW II pilot figured out that magnetic North was moving towards the geographic true North pole. A computer model was setup to track this. It was shown that when the magnetic North pole met the true North pole, we would tip 90°.

Richard Hoagland later gave a lecture on this..Probably still on YouTube.

Hoagland applies his hyperdimensional physics to the magnetic fields on all spinning things, including spinning planets.

I once wrote to Hoagland and asked him if our "bombing" the South pole (next to the opening) of the Moon, could affect our magnetic pole movement and stop it from contacting our true North pole... He said, "yes".

Why? Because the spin of the earth creates an internal tetrahedron, with the top pyramid having its apex at the North pole, and it's base at 19° south of the equator (in line with many pyramids including those at Giza); and the opposite pyramid, with its apex at the South Pole (and upside-down base at 19° above the equator.

Since the Moon affects our external ocean tides, it makes sense that the Moon also affects our inner magnetic tides...and thus whacking the South pole of the Moon could affect our internal magnetic rotational tides. Think visually seeing the etheric magnetic energy fields...

In fact, if you followed the movement of magnetic north, there was a period of time in the years between the early 2000's (around 2003-4) to the late 2000's ..(about a year after we bombed the Moon (2008))...when one could not find the government website that showed the tracking of magnetic north...It was shut down!!! It was a year or so later...2009?, that President Obama announced that all was well with the movement of the magnetic North Pole!! There was an article in Scientific American back in the late 2000's ,that if I remember correctly, was where Obama was quoted.

Suddenly the government website that tracked our magnetic north pole movement returned.

Remember, this was a big deal. Obama had school children watch the bombing (dropping a satellite) on the South Pole of the Moon.

Laura Eisenhower mentions that she was recruited to join the Mars base in order to survive the tipping if the Earth. She declined. Then again, her mother, at that time, was our Ambassador to the Russian Space Program and was married to the Head of the Russian Space Program...

Perhaps her mother knew there was a way to avoid, or delay, that 90° tilt...Since we share info with the Russian Space Program.

There is one problem...the magnetic north pole moved past the true North pole, but is moving too fast towards Russia. They did bomb the North pole of the Moon...sychronistically soon after it was discovered that our magnetic north pole was charging ahead at unusual speed...??

Was that an attempt to affect its speed?. if so, It's not nice to fool Mother Earth....Magnetic North is still zooming towards Russia, too fast...will it cause us to tip in the opposite 90°?
TG&D. Ratcliffe
It is a pole shift, which happens rarely and we have no memory of it. It is happening now.
The two poles are moving rapidly. It is kept off the news.
Darwin Hernandez
You sound a LOT like Quinn of IdeasOfIceAndFire😲
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