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Here’s what the Kamasutra really says.

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It’s one of the world’s earliest books on sex — but not actually that sexy. We took a deeper look at the Kamasutra, its history, and how it got the reputation it has today. Popularized by British “orientalist” Richard Francis Burton, the book has spread across cultures and continents. While people tend to focus on the chapters involving sex positions, the rest of the seven-part treatise is a fascinating look at ancient Indian power structures, gender roles, and yes -- pleasure. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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The factors that affect love have changed drastically since the Kamasutra was published. Check out our video on how the economy shapes our love lives here:
I wrote a Tumblr post a while ago about why I f***ing hate books. They appeal to this male fantasy!
Jasreen Singh
Hinduism is completely backwards as demonstrated by India today
The refuse to modernize
Jasreen Singh
It's a stupid idiotic book
Tabrez Khan
Husband to wife : No Sex November
After reading some pages of kamasutra
Lets have sex baby..
Ashok Bhosle
Damn, this needs to be more viral.
Eugene Nyunt
Still the case for the Anglos in England !
Shankar Bishwas
Just saying, there used to be a similar book in Iran called Alfiyeh and Shalfiyeh (like ages ago). It was a love story with sexy details that one of the ancient ministers wrote to help another minister asexual (or weakly sexual) son get to business. From what I learned, most parts of it regarding sex positions were taken from Kamasutra. That book is lost in time.
syed firdaus
Basically, they only took the most exciting parts and left out the boring ones...referring to the early translators
Reason for india overpopulation
Neazy Army
Why am i here?
Criminology 101
Despite my previous criticisms this video is okay for the most part. I also appreciate the narrator's attempt to pronounce the Sanskrit (though with a Hindi accent) words. And the interesting videographics.
Criminology 101
As for the interview of Dr. Doniger of the University of Chicago I'm not surprised at her nonsense. She's notorious in academia for a reason. Even by her own admission "I am neither an archaeologist nor a historian; I am a Sanskritist, ". So no she's not a historian. As for her Sanskrit scholarship she's known for shoddy work and exaggerations of pornographic nature. Wendy doniger "PhD" is a disgrace to the academic tradition of Oxford University and UoC. She's been criticised by actual Sanskritist for her dishonest translations and sensationalism. These include actual professional scholars like Dr Michael Witzel of Harvard, Dr Nicholas Kazanas of OMCI, Dr Köenraad Elst of Ghent U and BHU, Dr Jagadacarya of RSU, Dr SN Misra, Dr. SB Kak, Dr. Danino, Dr. Patrick Olivelle is Texas University, and so on. Wendy doniger has also been criticised by cultural/religious activists like R Malhotra, VS Agrawal, Dr Goyal, Dr. VJuluro and so on. I'm saddened by the presence of this disgraceful scholar on this otherwise decent video.
Criminology 101
I'm really surprised to see Shonalekha Kaul make so many pre-graduate/laymen errors in this video, really not her best moment as an academic. There are literally millions of Sanskrit manuscripts in India (2-6 million?) Untranslated alone. This isn't abnormal for typical JNU academic of history but totally unexpected from Dr. Kaul. She should stick to Kashmir which is her specialty instead of wandering away.
Criminology 101
What people don't understand about the Kāma Sūtra is that it was basically an academic work geared towards the wealthy upper classes. Ordinary people in India (Shūdras) and the aesthetic peoples (BrāhmaNās) never would have lived so decedently. Mostly wealthy people of the mercantile class (Vaishya) and the ruling class (Kshatriya) would have lived in similar fashion to the Kāma Sūtra. It should also be noted that the Kāma Sūtra isn't "contradictory" as it is a compendium of Indian ideas in Sanskrit from different works which included sexuality, eroticism, desire, luxury etc. So it's natural to have opposing views present in the text, it's after all not simply the views of Vatsyāyana. It should also be noted that this wasn't a text that was widely read or studied like the Arthashāstra, Shrutis etc. So you cannot assume this formed the notions and taboos on sexuality.
Ryu Jin
In short the British are to be blamed for this nuance.
Dante Ele
Awang Budiman
My girl is so fat it's impossible to do kamasutra positions. I'm talking about my hand.
The list of "women who are not to be enjoyed" has me in tears 😂
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The Death of Facebook | How Social Media The Kamasutra is not (just) about sex 1 day ago   13:36

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