The Worst Internship Ever: Japan’s How to Cook From Tokyo's Vending 1 day ago   15:41

Japan is facing a serious labor shortage, a problem that can be traced back to an aging population and a prevailing fear that immigrants will dilute the country’s pure gene pool. In order to keep the world’s third-largest economy afloat, the Japanese government offers an internship program that attracts foreign workers from China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The program, which allows workers to stay for three years, is advertised as providing laborers with transferrable new skills for when they return home.

VICE News recently traveled to Japan to investigate the internship program. We found that many interns are underpaid, saddled with insurmountable debt, and forced into a form of indentured servitude. Many are illegally placed as oyster shuckers, construction workers, and other unskilled positions. And, despite international condemnation, Japan plans to use thousands of new foreign interns to build the infrastructure for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

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no no
Japan's dark sides MUST be reported on by foreign media or else Japan will not change! Japan cares only about its image so unless these sorts of things are brought to the attention of foreign governments, they will not put new policies in place. The way companies ignore anti-discrimination laws, specifically towards women, the way Japan treats it's disabled population, and the sort of subject covered by this documentary (the way Japanese people treat non-white foreigners for example) must become common knowledge outside of Japan so that they will feel the pressure to change.

This is not "anti-Japan propaganda" as you may see people claim! This is genuine criticism about issues Japan must make new efforts towards. You must see what lies beneath the seemingly respectful and orderly culture.
pc zombie
the world is full of shit
Jamaal Williams
Japan is a heathen country. They don't have any morals. But they make anime and video games so they are awesome, right?

Nah, Japanese need Jesus.
P Sher
japan doesnt need more outside migrant workers instead they are developing advanced AI and automation technologies.
Phu Nguyen
First learn making 💰 money
No guns on their head force to slave them. Slave programs every where included USA, just different name, farmers workers from cn to
N Carolina and s Carolina and more states Florida, paid 60 k USD for slave themselves but nicer with kids visas so kids come with parents ,. No one taking these jobs industry shut down , they import oversea slave under nice name but the end is same,. Two faces USA
By the year 2040 working age population is gonna fall from 81 million to 57 million!!!!?!
That's in 20 years from now!!!! Does this mean their roots and heritage will become the last of their dying breed?
большой самурай
you can clearly say japanese are double face.their smiles are fake.
I prefer fake Chinese products than fake japanese politeness.
I will never go visiT jAPAN ANYMORE.
большой самурай
oh wow so shocked I thought Japan was like Canada.
Bob Zhang
modern slavery!
ʻUmar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb Malaysia
Japanese showing to the world they are very good kind,lovely, sweet, truthful, honest, etc .after ww2 Japanese only have change there dress for the foreigners they are same. Unbelievable now I understand nature can not be change. Japanese are the same before ww2 and now.
ʻUmar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb Malaysia
Vice news you done a great job. My Allah reward for this. Ameen
ʻUmar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb Malaysia
Ooh My Allah this is Japan I was thinking Japanese are good people for human rights unbelievable. Everywhere the same rich people are evil for poor. Allah save everyone from the slavery life. ameen
Cornel Manea
IF THIS IS NOT GLOBAL BABILON , what is this ????
Allen Murgondy
BS, in America you do internships in which you really do the work they can't hire anybody else to do and pay you nothing after taxes are taken out. Gov't is just as paid , bring in new hires on apprentice or intern status and then fire you after a year while old lazy GS slugs stick to their $100k a year doing next to nothing. Wake up people.
ben yosep
The nerve of the USA 🇺🇸 lecturing someone on labor. What about your over 200 year slavery history? Hypocrites.
ben yosep
Don’t blame Japan 🇯🇵. Blame China 🇨🇳.
ryan cyberheart
This happens everywhere , vice just happens to be interested where its the most edgy/ironic/unusual place to be for it to occur. worthy of same pathetic competence & skill of reporting.
SithLord Hibiscus
Internships are shit now matter where you are.
You know the irony really is? They are desperate to "Protect Japanese culture", and they think that foreigners are the ones who would destroy it, when in reality it's themselves. A low birthrate caused by piss-poor societal conditions spells the end of culture too. Congratulations.
Syarifah Maghfirah
This is what make me doesn't want to go to Japan beside JAV
Fucked Gplus
Muh modern imperialism
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How to Cook From Tokyo's Vending The Worst Internship Ever: Japan’s 1 day ago   08:46

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