The Worst Internship Ever: Japan’s The Illegal Big Cats of Instagram 1 day ago   15:41

Japan is facing a serious labor shortage, a problem that can be traced back to an aging population and a prevailing fear that immigrants will dilute the country’s pure gene pool. In order to keep the world’s third-largest economy afloat, the Japanese government offers an internship program that attracts foreign workers from China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The program, which allows workers to stay for three years, is advertised as providing laborers with transferrable new skills for when they return home.

VICE News recently traveled to Japan to investigate the internship program. We found that many interns are underpaid, saddled with insurmountable debt, and forced into a form of indentured servitude. Many are illegally placed as oyster shuckers, construction workers, and other unskilled positions. And, despite international condemnation, Japan plans to use thousands of new foreign interns to build the infrastructure for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

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Go to Japan: Polite but racist Japanese
Go to Korea: Rude but racist Koreans
Go to China: Rude and racist Chinese...

Why east asian people are so proud of themselves
steven Huncho
my parents make me work for free
Preben S. E. Nielsen
Japan and china should be forced to take their part of muslim invasion, then it will take a little pressure of the criminality we face in europe.
Syazwani Agus
Ippei Torii is the real MVP
I'm surprised we even exist we dont deserve to here on this planet only the animals and plants and everything that nature produces deserve to live on this planet we are truly that cancer to this majestic world we live in
mark yahtzee
Senpai chann. Noooooo
barbie without make up
who watch this after asian boss vietnam workers abused in japan video?
Kai Rel
Everybody notices the unfair treatment of those foreign workers but never asks why at first place they wanted to come Japan and work. The answer is “Global inequality”, at this point, many of those workers see these videos or hear about the mistreatment in Japan during making the decision to come. Nonetheless the number of those workers are increasing, means they value working in Japan with such condition more than the life in their home country because of some reasons like: lack of jobs, poverty, hygiene and overall relative life quality.
Japanese government is just using those unfortunate ones from utilitarian standpoint, it’s nothing but what global capitalism pushes “us” to pursue.
Narco Polo
Narco Polo
human trafficking is asia finest. not the White men is the slavemaster.
the Olympics are dying in ratings tho lol.
Shadow S
I am disappointed with Japan , did not expect this from a country that I thought was gentle and kind..
Martin Latvian
I guess the japanese government is so racist that they just don't care about foreign workers. Meanwhile their society is aging, their economy is going down because they need young workers. How stupid are they?
Danush Kumar
think I'm no going to japan
jon song
Japanese are really sick people!
Jimmy misle
Very similar to what goes on in the USA, lol
Rosebud Adkins
Cancel the Olympics and use that money for the poor. Instead of building structures that will be left to decay after a few weeks. It's disgraceful how much money is wasted in this world. We are too focused on things don't matter. Anything to distract the masses as to what goes on. Human trafficking especially children will be brought in for others pleasure. There is a sinister dark side to these activities. We must start solving issues. Be wise instead of selfish. So much suffering that I have seen. I give of my money and used to my time and talent. I am disabled now. However do as I am able. We don't have TV, stopped going to movies and buying music. We refused to support demonic Pediwood. Too many people needing to be entertained. No wonder the 1% have all the money. We can't wait to give ours to them. It's ridiculous!
Rosebud Adkins
US can send you thousands of Mexicans, Somalias, Muslims.
Migo STX
Pieces of shit!! Can't wait for the day when we go to war!!!
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The Illegal Big Cats of Instagram The Worst Internship Ever: Japan’s 1 day ago   27:22

Buying illegal wild animals in Kuwait is, as one local puts it, "as easy as acquiring a cupcake." Pets have long been used as status symbols the world over, but citizens of the Gulf take the prize when it comes to keeping the most exotic, controversial species—most commonly, "big cat" cubs.

International law governing Kuwait and other Gulf states forbids the import and sale of wild animals, yet the sight of supercars being driven around with a cheetah in the front seat is starting to become commonplace on Arab Instagram feeds.

Although there are legal ways to bring an animal into Kuwait, paying people off along the way is easier. Lion, cheetah, and tiger cubs are in the highest demand, fetching up to $15,000 each through black market agents. More often than not, the owners have little idea how to care for these creatures, which have no history of domestication and quickly become unmanageable—even lethal—once they're fully grown.

In Big Cats of the Gulf, VICE investigates the area's flourishing trade in animal trafficking and how it impacts the depleting wildcat populations of Central and East Africa. We gain exclusive access to Kuwait's biggest Instagram star of the big cat phenomenon and hear first-hand of the deadly consequences of the business—both for the animals and their owners.

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