I bought a $48 GTX 1050 Ti on Wish.com 10 Pawn Stars Deals That 1 day ago   10:01

Dawid Does Tech Stuff
I have been seeing a lot of ads on YouTube for the website Wish.com lately and it made me wonder: Is it still a scam?

I bought a $48 GTX 1050 ti, and there is something a bit dodgy about it.

Here is the video where Phil fixes a similar fake GPU: https://ufl.ae/videow/Hq0J0z5AeQs

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Linus Tech Tips
That's a nice t-shirt.
Michel Guerrero
are working or been part or selling products in wish?
William Doyle
A Wish add was literally just on before this video
Paul Aaron Tackitt
Paused and closed this video at "vanerial disease" which is probably how he got his accent.
Jarret Scott
Wish has money back?
custom specs
wish product all the fake stuff (copied) make sure don’t spend over $100 you won’t get refund back.
Senior ShredderMetal
Stick to Ebay auction
The Nigerian prince took extremely long to scam me on this one
Get an EEPROM flasher and flash that bad boy! Can you report the seller as a scammer and get a refund, like on eBay? Just because someone on Wish is scamming you doesn't mean Wish is a scam. It just means one of their selers is. That happens on other internet sites. I just hope there are protections in place so you can get a refund.
I bought 8 things from wish, including 2 $5 shorts that sucked and they returned my money without having to return the products.
Ibrahim Farid
Im not even gonna watch the video, all I'm saying is that if you saw a Wish advert and decided OOH IM GONNA BUY THIS, you deserve it. Thanks, bye.
_Note: this guy made a video out of it and so he hasn't made a loss, but you on the other hand... just don't even buy from Wish after those ads on Insta, jfc._
chiniese KO lol
A mortal being!
You look like english, but sound like an indian! I'm confused!
there just some things that I don't buy on wish.... pc components is one of them. On a side note on most things you are actually able to return.
I don’t even have a computer and yet here I am...
Andrew McIntyre
What accent is that. It's so familiar? Almost like a mixture of South African Afrikaner with Irish??
10:01 come on bruh at least dont make it obvious so you dont get so much dislikes. Do like 11 mins
KillerTyphoons Games
Why is it down the toilet? file a claim with WISH and they will usually just refund the money when you tell them you didn't get that you ordered.
D'Artanyun Boykin
I use wish an its not to bad but it takes like a month just to get shit from them
Tell them you normally get a refund asap
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10 Pawn Stars Deals That I bought a $48 GTX 1050 Ti on Wish.com 1 day ago   11:26

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