Why Does Apple's Monitor Stand Taking My BENT $1429 iPad 2 days ago   04:44

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How should you choose a monitor stand, and why is Apple's new one so expensive?

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Hans B
Just dont buy apple, instead of wasting your time on these shit
efrain borja
the stand is overpriced period no further explanation idiot
Capn Rotbart
"Speaking beautiful of things that are worth it" *snorts* Linus must be so proud of you...
Hannah Winter
In another video (can't remember the author sorry although it may have been a WAN show episode) the author explained that people who are going to buy that monitor are either

- Pros with a previously-owned HQ stand
- Companies who will make the cost of each stand back within days
Kreasu Arikawa
Make sure you check the Weight LIMIT OF YOUR DESK, I've had people destroy monitors (and desks) when they put a triple arm onto an ikea tabletop. (it's made of cardboard come on guys!)
Valhalla Awaits
999 for a stand, new tax on stupidity
Smitty Werben Jagger Man Jensen
Well, this one didn't bring the answer for the question. 👎
Robyro Nz
Dont worry kids , the Chinese will save us with the exact same stand for only $40
allan lansdowne
999 sounds better than 1000
I would be someone elses monitor stand for 999$.
hh hh
fuck velcro, its for uppêr class janx. i go for tape like a real man does (thus i banned breathing to avoid my screen come crashing down. did i mention it doesnt even have a stand?)
This was very clickbaity wtf LTT. Y’all didn’t even answer the question
Kids Fun Times - Educational Videos
Man Every Time Someone says Apple $999 Monitor Stand I Remember "Risitas Palyamo" Then I Cant stop Laughing 😂😂😂
Because Tim Crook said so.
Fullmetal Xeno
With the cost of the monitor heing what it is vs it's other enterprise competitors, it's entirely possible they're subsidizing the cost of the monitor with the stand.
Brian Abad
I could buy 6-7 Audio Technica Headphones with that money or an actual desktop setup!
because apple thinks they can sell a fucking stand for this price and they're right.
Mhr Hxssxn
Waits the whole time for him to talk about Apple stand
Concludes to we dont know , what a waste of time lol
Samir Andrade
Man ,for 999 that stand better have Jojo stand abilities
All this talk about stands makes me sad for the lack of a very easy JoJo reference.
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