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Aaron & Beau review the fifth episode from season 8 of Game of Thrones!

Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 5 'The Bells' Review









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Dave Robb
Do you think Tyrion stating 4 times during the episode that if the bells ring they have surrendered means anything????? That's some nuanced stuff.
Dave Robb
Do you think Tyrion stating 4 times during the episode that if the bells ring they have surrendered means anything????? That's some nuanced stuff.
Rosamund Powell
I do mind that Dany went "mad queen", because her character arc was repeating (to a certain extent) Cersei's arc. I mean . . . after six seasons, Cersei came to the point where she went "mad queen" at the end of Season Six. And now, we're expected to swallow a similar arc for Daenerys? Even worse, in such a short space of time? Were Benioff and Weiss that unoriginal? Or was Martin?

That whole spiel about Tagaryens is nonsense and poor writing. It's another attempt to show how certain people are doomed to become evil or insane, because of genetics. This is just sloppy writing of the worst kind.
Dave Robb
So the whole plan to get Cersei to have a truce or join them in the war vs the dead turned out to be really important. Dany could never win the iron throne if she went north first.
Recently she has lost two of her dragon 'children', her two closest friends, the man she loves rejects her, she looks at the Red Keep knowing the people who's family killed her father and took her home are within reach, she has recently come out of a horrific war with the dead which resulted in many more human deaths, she knows one of her close advisors tried to poison her thus betraying her, she is going through intense grief....probably even mixed in with the grief of her first husband and dead child as well as being traumatised from all the recent events. All grief tends to come at once and is irrational. I think you have to go through intense grief alone to understand how she could have reached that point. I think its a bit more than 'flipping a coin'.
Jort Manshanden
The prophecy of Cersei dying strangled in the arms of her younger brother came true. It was good.
vic ferg
These two keep trying to find a reason to justify what Daenerys did or a way to writters could've justified it... but that was the point, making her doing something horrible and unjustified. The problem with the series was how they developed that situation.
crazy cat lady
after 40:00 you said about Jamie "he's good and bad" and i heard "he's good in bed" lol
The Irish Elk
Cercies death was bullshit especially after all the crap she did
Dave Robb
They were younglings!
Darth KEK
The problem with Dany was not the razing of King's Landing. It's that she did it after surrender. That bell tolling was the CITY saying they accepted her as the Queen. It wasn't a chime of defeat - not for her - it was a chime of victory. She would have revelled in it. If the show runners wanted to raze Kings Landing, fine. DON'T RING THE BELL. Have the "ring the bell ring the bell" comment from the crowd, but then more shout "no" and "why don't you fuck off back to where you came from you foreign whore?" and jeers. THEN she would raze the city, sure.
Darth KEK
Game of Thrones Season 8 - The Bell Ends.

Yes I'm amazing.
Gold Paladin101
Sorry about the rude comment a few videos back. And the Twitter commnt lads. You guys are alright.
The main point that everyone misses about the sacking of King's Landing is that Daenarys DOES NOT TRUST ANYONE anymore with the exception of Greyworm. All she knows if Cersei is that she is a liar and a schemer. Who's to say that Cersei isn't going to pull something during the surrender meeting? She already tricked them once when she promised that Lannister forces would ride north. Sure, Tyrion said that the bells would ring...but he has fucked up every plan for 2 seasons, why should she believe that Tyrion isn't making another poor decision with the release of Jamie and trusting Cersei to run or surrender? She wanted to seal the deal, right then and there.

She also does not care for the Westerosi, not really. Even in earlier episodes she characterizes the fight against the night King as something she's doing for Jon and not for the people of the seven kingdoms. As far as she's concerned, the people of King's Landing are the people who stole everything from her family and fucked everything.
I say thee nay
I hope Maisey kept her costume. She'd win 100% of Arya Stark Cosplay events forever afterwards.
*so she had an episode like Hodor...when her dad kept saying burn them all?*
Kendra Barton
I'm honestly the most upset about Sandor. I don't think Clegane bowl needed to happen, i don't think it should have happened. I think it would have been better if Sandor had died for a different reason, or even have lived. I hope Martin makes the end to that more satisfying than the show did. I felt like it made it pointless. I thought they where going to do something with the lord of light and maybe let Sandor take on Banderians flaming sword or what ever to wield his fear against his brother, maybe to protect someone, maybe Arya, rather than need revenge. I don't know, I felt like a waste of an opportunity.
desmond davis
If I become a Patreon will you just skip to FMA: Brotherhood 🤔
Dark Mage
45:08 mark you say stannis wouldn’t do that, Tywin wouldn’t do that.. don’t forget that Tywin in fact DID do that in the original sack of kings landing.
In the end the House of Lanister truly did not matter to Jamie and Cerci. Just as they told each other time and again. Their family, their legacy, their reputation, their status did not matter to them. "The only thing that matters is us". Even as their "house" came crumbling down upon their heads.
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