Hydro electric water wheel Waterwheel power 4kW to grid 1 day ago   01:51

Wild Walberla
A hydro-electric water wheel in Egloffstein Franconia with 12.000 W Generator.

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i love it good
Nie Pamiętam
This is such great, cheap and effective way of utilising the energy of flowing water. I can't understand why people prefer to use windpower, while this is so much more reliable. The only anwser I can imagine is red tape and 'group thinking'. Obviously the idea was used extensively in the past, and the reason for that is the fact that water wheels are the best possible technology for generating energy from a flowing water.
tools ideas
Muito bom! Meu próximo vídeo será uma roda d'água Para gerar energia para iluminação de meu sítio
Werner Müller
Das Wasserkraftwerk in der Nähe von Egloffstein hat ca. 20.000 W Generator (20kW) Leistung.
pepsi Atlas
12 watts or 12 kilowatts?
David Goller
Did you mean to write 12 watt? That would power a couple of small led bulbs... Or did you mean 12 kw? Which would power a couple of small homes.
I wish are country had more of these.. on the grid
Joe Malovich
Good video thanks.
What is the exact location of this place?
If you have a chance, I would like to visit here!
Is that right? https://earth.app.goo.gl/CdWJS3
Ray Anthony Brady
mamadou saliou Diallo
hello I want to know the extent of the rotor some detailed please I seen a fair to my village thank you
Stefan Heitmann
Love it!
Debbie Eden
좋은 자료 감사합니다.
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Waterwheel power 4kW to grid Hydro electric water wheel 1 day ago   01:09

Click on 'CC' to turn on captions: (sorry no sound !)

We re-purposed this 140 year old wheel to generate and export power back to the grid in 2007/8. 10 years on and its made well over 100,000kWh energy, most of it exported .. generation matches flow availability, we could process more but the axles at its limit and the wheel floods .. efficiency is very high, the gearbox and generator silent, its a capacitor excited induction generator with integral flow management and grid tie cabinet. The system hinges around the ponds water level, the original wheel control sluice is reused.

This is a beautifully engineered large wheel running well within its capabilities, the iron structure is much more than functional, a look in detail shows considerable artisan and design skills ..
we believe this is the largest wheel on a domestic property in UK


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