Dr Phil Serves Best Dancer Crazy Girl That Thinks 2 days ago   12:34

Dr Phil serves up some life lessons to the self proclaimed best dancer in the world. Shes self taught and just oozes talent. React couch! Dr Phil is back!
Lady Gaga’s choreographer, Richy Jackson, evaluates a 20-year-old who claims she’s the “best dancer in the world” – and he doesn’t hold back with his assessment.
Memes - https://ufl.ae/videow/4Z0m3wATZBs
React Couch and Dr Phil - https://ufl.ae/videow/Qjm0KdF7Uu4
Reddit - https://ufl.ae/videow/KWpZUz61WfO
5 Min Life Hacks - https://ufl.ae/videow/FWvGAvxUobG

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Scott Cee
F*ck Sony 😡😡
Blue Girl
Ya'll are the best nuts on the internet,for sure.
Milton Knowles
Some people make me sad and then I laugh at them and then I feel a lot better about my own life which is perfect by the way
Milton Knowles
You could dance better than her by not dancing 😎
Jacob Stacy
This girls sister went to my High School
i like her energy. i’d watch her lmao she ain’t bad
Side Notes
If this is dancing..i guess I'm better than I thought!
Fuck You
How could someone so smart be so damn stupid at the same time.
noob in training
Sooooo did it get claimed???

We'll never know 😒
Skye Goodman
Just so the idiot dancer girl knows, and this is me nerding out by the way, Rumpelstiltskin spins straw into gold, King Midas turns everything he touches to gold. Just needed to correct that.
Ken, elementary school is the easiest
Angela G
Video = Golden

I’ve watched you forever, but this video, though older, made me subscribe 👏🏻😆
Emily Lowe
My highschool experience was getting kicked down in the halls and the principal going “alright now let’s move along” to which they would stop, leave me, walk away, and then the principal would leave me too. All the time. My parents went up to the school when they found bruises and made a scene which made things worse. Can’t be in the same class? Cool well I guess that helps nothing in the hallway huh. They would hit me harder if I snitched and there was always no real punishment or change. I ended up putting concealer on my bruises after school before coming home to stop my parents from making it worse. As an adult now it was the worst experience of my life.
Shadowtail Valcorin
She has a full ride to college, just take some dance classes maybe get a degree in dancing and start a studio!! Just take some dance classes!!!
juicy juice
It's not a cinnamontoast video if there isn't a ranch joke and I'm here for it
I took the SAT in seventh grade too, and while they do have the “practice tests” they also have programs to test you. I was in one thru Duke, and it’s actually pretty hard to get Into it.
I took the SAT in seventh grade too, and while they do have the “practice tests” they also have programs to test you. I was in one thru Duke, and it’s actually pretty hard to get Into it.
Carbide Games
I have a particular dislike for people with a huge ego
Solomon McQueen
That girl dance like Elaine on that Seinfeld episode. A dry heave.
Rafael Lourenço
Am I the only one that doesnt like Dr Phil videos that much?
They dont use the full video and you never know how it ends. Very sad
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Crazy Girl That Thinks Dr Phil Serves Best Dancer 2 days ago   10:29

Dr Phil's guest treasure thinks shes white. She also hates her own race and says crazy and racist things about African Americans. Its such a crazy episode we're not really sure what to think! React Couch!

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