Alarming study shows most President Donald Trump's border 2 days ago   02:59

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Scientists in the United States have published their latest findings on the state of the world's landscape and the impact of human development on it; what they have found is frightening.

The study found that 95 percent of the Earth's land surface has had some human modification, while 84 percent is experiencing multiple human impacts.

Only 18 percent of the world's countries retain most of their natural lands. Meanwhile, 57 percent of land on earth can be classified as critically endangered.

Christina Kennedy, a senior scientist at the Nature Conservancy, talks to Al Jazeera about the alarming damages to our planet.

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this caster is terrible at speaking
Mahammed Ma0561673889
Angel Grace
Media keeps pointing on the 3rd world countries instead of blaming the 1st world, drastic accussations, ha. France keep destroying not only the land but also the people in Polynesia for their Nuclear testing. Other countries keeps buying from other countries most of what the 1st world needs, such as agricultural, marine etc, thus resulting to over fishing etc etc, then at the end they blane them when in fact they are the abusers. In reality, THERE IS NO FAUR TRADE.
Shakaking 24
So because of climate change third world countries can’t develop, that seems pretty unfair.
Laventador Alindog
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President Donald Trump's border Alarming study shows most 2 days ago   09:29

U.S. President Donald Trump's promise of a wall on the border with Mexico is taking shape. Testing is underway on eight prototypes built in San Diego, but the project still needs approval for $1.8 billion dollars in funding for construction. CBC News went down to take a look at what's been done so far.

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