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Mr. J's Media Productions
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Mr. J's Media Productions is a full service Photography & Video Production Company based in Vero Beach,Florida. We cater to the needs of businesses, not for profit organizations, schools, churches and individuals throughout southwest Michigan. We provide Corporate Video Production. Videotaping Services, Video Editing, DVD Duplication, Sports Videos, Recruiting Videos, Video Transfers, and Picture Programs. With more than 12 years of professional Photography & Video Production experience, we offer the very best in customized photography & video production. We partner with YOU to develop the most effective,affordable solutions to your needs.

Mr. J's Media Productions will partner with you to find the
solutions to your communication needs. We will start with your
concept and follow that through the complete production process including the final DVD duplication.

All of the Services we provide are custom tailored to you. There are no "cookie cutter" templates. Mr. J's Media Solutions will custom design the solution that best fits your need. All done within YOUR budget.

Have a need? Call us at 772-360-9970 and Consider It Done!

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Beelo Wiw
In case of that my devices obtain internet connection using wi-if, I assume that I cannot connect to the storage.  Is that correct?
brian farber
Do I have to use data to stream? what if I'm on the airplane, will it stream through Bluetooth? I don't plan on paying for in flight internet just to watch a movie I already have on my portable HD. That would be an issue for me on road trips.
JnS Travels
Can you transfer files from the tablet to the hard drive itself?
cuteya kuwait
can we charge it from any battery like new trent ?? thnx
Reb Bliefernich
Good video. Question. I have individual 6 gigabyte movies that i want to store on that Seagate HD and stream from it to either a iPad or Nexus. Have not purchased a iPad or Nexus yet because of storage limits and individual file size of movies. This seems like a solution for movie storage on long work travel.
sr kseries
clean thanks for the video.
128gb ipad launched go get it man...
Bestbuy have them for $99 this week only
you dont need a sim and pay for internet do yuou?
That's the future of storage devices since a lot of tablets have limited or expensive onboard memory and don't have usb ports or memory slots.
So cool! Got to get one.
Mr. J's Media Productions
no.. i have mkv,avi,divx & mp4. it all plays fine with Oplayer
Mr. J's Media Productions
Mr. J's Media Productions
no. but i don't see why you won't be able to use the adapter for thunderbolt
Mr. J's Media Productions
yes.. I have used air player & Oplayer. i mainly use oplayer
here's a question Mrjsmediaproduc, when loading a video do you have the option to choose what media player to use? such as vlc or DICE player?, thank you
There is.
Ronald R
Can you save the apps that you bought from apple store. Thanks nice stuff of yours.
Andy .T
if there were only a thunderbolt version
Ashy knuckles... there's an app for that called lotion. LOL j/k... thanks for the vid
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Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex - Using Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile 2 days ago   01:05


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