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As Told By Kenya
I have no sympathy

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BB Bish
Jefree Star admitted that he has no actual proof to prove his allegations that James Charles is a predator. Tati Westbrook has no proof James Charles is a predator. The rest of the stories online of him being a predator are false. I think that gay men are stereotypically seen as predators no matter if they are or ARE NOT. Regardless if they exhibit that behavior. Tati Westbrook was unaware of the implications this has throughout the gay community. It doesn’t matter if her intentions were not to hurt he gay commintinty, to put a gay man on blast in front of MILLIONS of people is absolutely disgusting. I’m a conservative white women. And even I agree. In terms of her saying he’s “disgusting”. A nighteen year old virgin is fully capable of being a predator, especially a white man with power. But everything is pure speculation. Which I find is soooo damaging ESPECIALLY PEOPLE WITH NO GAY FRIENDS OR KNOWLEDGE OF THE QUEER COMMUNITY. Its just gives christians and homophobic people more ammunition. Besides that, James Charles. I don’t care about him. I don’t know any of these beauty gurus. I think he just needs to keep the topic of boys to himself because all it does is cause more confusion and controversy for everyone and himself. Also, he needs to get his ego in check. IMO Kenya you are adding to the stereotype and damaging the queer community. Think what you want, but as someone who study’s law I thought your world revolved around the philosophy of “innocent until proven guilty” not “guilty until proven innocent”. That’s cancel culture right there.
Just found ur channel. Have been binge watching all ur videos. ur hilarious and i had to stan
neljan tayag
James is trash.
patty labelle
She knew what she was doing and the timing was right
kajari pal
May be they are trash. But at least they are creating something..but all you are doing is gossiping about them to get views
Miki Trip
literally the bed blows up
saepoyo pii
If you made a video on how the earth is flat I would probably believe you lmao 🤣
Anna Jacobsen
Anna Jacobsen
Can we please talk about the shane dawson series on jeffree star where jeffree says "i am a celebrity so i can do what i want" Isnt that the same attitude james charles has?🤔
Jacquelyn starr
Your insight and intelligence is off the charts. Not that you need my validation, its just refreshing and I look forward to your future content. You aren't swayed by public opinion and that's a rare trait these days. Keep doing the damn thing miss.
Tiara Wilson
What makeup geek video?
Bettys Eyeson
The majority of the n words being says around the world are actually from people of color but when a person of another race says it is a huge issue. I understand when it is said maliciously but when is used in the same context why is such an issue.
Lei-Ming Caine
Read the tea leaves 🍁😂😂😂😂😂
You’re super funny but in an intelligent way, I highkey listen to you like a podcast.
Sonia Martinez
I’m so glad I’ve found your videos because you’ve opened my eyes to so much shit I just accepted as normal.
Juan Maldonado
girl you just explained the game of big brother and survivor and i love it LMAOOOO
Funky Punky
Absolutely love your videos.
I completely agree with you about Jeffree and James. They are so obviously self-serving backstabbers who love taking others down, and I’ve seen it for a long time. But I think Tati overlooked James’ behavior for so long because she was wanting to help him and hoping he would change. She says so in her video. It was after he turned on her, who had been in his corner and helped him so much, that she realized that change wouldn’t happen.

As for Jeffree, I still think he’s awful and don’t support him at all, but he convinced a lot of people that he changed and learned from his past in the Shane documentary. I believe Tati was one of those people who became convinced he had changed. But, I can tell from his behavior and wanting to turn on his friends as soon as they’re unpopular, he hasn’t. I think it won’t be long before Jeffree and Tati fall out, too, either because she will see the truth about him, or he will “cancel” her for making a mistake somehow. I hope she sees the truth. I know I’m a little biased as a Tati fan, but I really think she has good intentions.
Yo I'll be honest I don't even care about this shit but you're so passionate you make it not only caring, but make me angry over people I don't even watch. So good on you girl.
Olesia Rogaleva
You are wrong. Tati has a much more strong point because she knows him personally and all the facts for real.
"Justice has no right time!" My queen out there, saying better lines than in GoT season8 !
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James Charles PREYS ON STRAIGHT TOXIC Youtubers 2 days ago   26:14

leave the homophobic comments at the door.

everything is alleged so don't go taking this for bible. but if it is true then my points are here

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