25+ Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks! Galaxy S8 Tips: First things 1 day ago   27:14

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We've compiled 25+ Galaxy S8 tips and tricks that will make you the ultimate Galaxy S8 pro (Galaxy S8+ too!). From firing up the camera the quickest and using the multiple multi window functions to using dual audio in Bluetooth 5.0 and advanced features, we cover it all in this video.

GALAXY S8 REVIEW: https://ufl.ae/videow/S3Vm-ePUjLi
GALAXY S8 - FIRST 10 THINGS TO DO: https://ufl.ae/videow/lxvoet3T2vs

Verizon - https://bit.ly/2q8D4DW
AT&T - https://bit.ly/2q8DB8H
T-Mobile - https://bit.ly/2q8DxpG
Sprint - https://bit.ly/2oN05IB
Best Buy - http://bit.ly/2oN577S

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Marterius Boyd
Also theres a home button under the screen it's pressure sensitive
Ev Euphoria
Armoured Phoenix
The phone looks slow
Dustin Belknap
Are you in Oregon
Ryan Pyatt
Got a s8 last month pretty good these tips help
Thanks dude. I tried Samsung's videos, but, serious waste of time. I hope whoever gave them the O.K. got a job in another department.
kylo solo
I'm watching on my s7 edge have s8 edge plus at home waiting.....
Nicole Salazar
Who skipped an ad. Like if you did
Bilal Noor
Can anybody tell how to add message signature in galaxy S8?
Kobus Olivier
What is the difference between a S8 nad a J8?
WHAT IF IT DOESN"T? I"m so sick of having to unlock my phone every 20 seconds it's not gong to be long before I toss it out ot the window.
Pep sea
I cant watch 1440p hdr videos on my s8 plus, it keeps showing 720p. somebody please help me😓
gina serrano
How do you add another keyboard language?
I miss my Galaxy S5. I hate the screen on this S8. Curved and every time I try to drag the top menu down, never works
Ace Doucet
Anyone know how to get Samsung Music to reveal the amount of songs on my S8...?
Fallen One
Tim has faith.
anura jagath
Mayonnaise Sauce
I wanna get this sooo bad but I know it will never happen.
Faheem Khan
How to remove this error my Samsung Galaxy S8 plus (/) my sim cannot show and no single shows. Mobile work only safe mood.. Without safemood mobile gone air plane mood...
IPhone can't do shit buddy😂😂😂😂😂
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Galaxy S8 Tips: First things 25+ Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks! 1 day ago   06:32

Just unboxed a shiny new Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus? Alex breaks down the first five things you need to do with your new phone.

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