Unveiling my NEW Salvage Supercar Rebuild Why I Overpaid For This Tesla Sewage 1 day ago   13:42

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So I wanted to start working on my next Supercar Rebuild Project, but while I was filming the intro, Rich Rebuilds stopped everything and told me I couldn't start it until I finished my Salvage Focus RS Project...

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Rich Rebuilds
Now what REALLY happened is on my channel...
Myra bermudez
Looks like the copart off of 301
Rich sneaks over @ night and cow tips Samcrac's Cows and talks dirty to his Chickens!!
Mike Wallace
Clickbait city
Raymie H
Rich 🔪🔪👍
Outro to this vid was obviously done after a few beers lol
Andy Lisnoff
I didn’t even think about this till now, but Velossa Tech makes a snorkel for Fords. They deliver fresher air to your intake than the standard setup.
"Sombrero" means hat/cap. I think it's spanish.
KAH 98
I would love to see the works on muerci... hope you will buy it and start the project
Jeff Parchman
I love your videos Sam, but I can't stand Rich.
Alvah Thompson
Sam what video is the one you were selling a car to carmax?? Started watching and lost it, cant find it thanks.
Michael Lawn
You will soon get sued by Tesla. Enjoy losing everything you own.
Super fun to see the cross channel banter. Really enjoyed the ribbing.
haha Ford...gtfo
dont worry
U gonna get ur Tavarish on and take on a lambo??
Lame come on...think anybody is really interested in a ford focus..?
I love the back and forth jokes.
Ron Cathey
Looks like Goobzquad beat you too it.
Mike Keith
Sam, I just don't understand why you don't just spend a little money and pour a concrete pad down and build a nice garage with a decent lift. Just sell some of those cows, just keep some for that "tax break" you get for your "farm" LOL.
Seriously though, just pour a slab at least and get a decent mid range lift. You don't even have to cover it up. Use black top if you have to so you don't have to pay the extra taxes on it.
No clips from Bojangles?
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Why I Overpaid For This Tesla Sewage Unveiling my NEW Salvage Supercar Rebuild 1 day ago   10:37

This episode marks the beginning of the new Texas Flooded Salvage Tesla build. This is a full recap on the car, how I found it, how I found the old owner and also how much I regret paying for this absolute MESS

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