Unveiling my NEW Salvage Supercar Rebuild Copart Crazy Boat Bidders 1 day ago   13:42

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So I wanted to start working on my next Supercar Rebuild Project, but while I was filming the intro, Rich Rebuilds stopped everything and told me I couldn't start it until I finished my Salvage Focus RS Project...

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Rich Rebuilds
Now what REALLY happened is on my channel...
Mike Keith
Sam, I just don't understand why you don't just spend a little money and pour a concrete pad down and build a nice garage with a decent lift.
No clips from Bojangles?
James M
The bat mobile and bat man I seen a man with something tied around his neck lol people
Jeff Roberts
Sam, I know the story on the Lamborghini. I was there when the damage happened. Give me a holler.
Hector Salguero
11:01 oh my GOOOODDD look at this Neanderthal LMAOOO
Graham Lake
Resorting to clickbait now Sam??
I love the content but, You really need to change your exposure settings our buy a better camera. The blacks are too dark. Compare you videos to others on you and see what I'm talking about
No Way
Glad to see Rich on your channel, both of your channels 🎸.
Ryan Frost
Ivan Perez
When back to 10:50 on the video and replayed the following 30 seconds over and over 😂🤣🤣
bronco Clement
Before talking about Jose with the burn car , you should watch his video and your comments would be differant , i watch all the video and i can say your 100% wrong ,
Bailey Grenard
What is the website that you can check the car previous auction listing?
You call cows for a video shoot to impress us. I see no cow sht laying around your lawn, ever.
Chris Sanchez
Man screw that focus I don’t wanna see that p.o.s get fixed I’m sure other ppl are on the same page I hope
celow banks
Christopher Lopez
You know Sam, if you don't want it we'll take it off your hands gladly :)
Amad Edhah
What is the actual new rebuild project
Marwan Sayegh
So, when did you and rich get married? Lol
J name
Doesn't the Ford Focus have terrible transmissions?
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Copart Crazy Boat Bidders Unveiling my NEW Salvage Supercar Rebuild 1 day ago   10:22

I had to make a video about the crazy bidders on Copart. Enjoy!


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