Don Trip "Not Today" (OFFICIAL Don Trip “Where I Come From” 2 days ago   03:56

Don Trip
From the new album "Don't Feed the Guerrillas" available now.
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Produced By: Chefry Kitchen
Directed By: SkitsPro x JBlack901

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Money Mann
And what gets me the most is everything he raps about is some shit dats going on in every household or hood and it seems like its no effort behind it like ima really rap about what I went through instead of all this stunting and shit like most niggas always talking about what they got u never hear where they came from and how they came up like everybody was rich before they started rapping
Money Mann
Not much so much about how real he is which I feel he one of the last ones breathing but so much about how he brings light to alot of people sometimes I feel like im in church which brings me to going back in the days with music and how nobody even 2pac rapped like this on a consistent basis Trip da best to do it ever no matter what your situation is u got to feel him this is real life shit and if you don't like go listen to dat fantasy shit them other niggas dropping
Von Fortson
Anybody catch the fact the windshield wipers matched the beat?
Eric Parker
Yo day 1s a be the main ones to stick a knife in ya
LoudBass Filmz
My phone on airplane mode
Iont feel like hear'n this shit today
This nigga trip real
Kietrich Green
Kid Dipset
“Maybe I should try harder to rap with these rappers but I dont know what niggas sayin” 💯💯💯
Mike Montoya
Keep up the dope music.
Brezzy Bre Baby
What type of mic is he using????
Neiborhood SpadeXo
Thus guy hands down top 5 to me
Daniel Brown
I'm at least 10,000 of these views
Kingaaron Trustnone
How can you dislike this
El Shangonator
Michelle Glover
But being broke ain’t worth a bag shit
Jizzle 412
Hard as fuck
Michael Kirkland
Good shit.. keep droppin it
^Grind 2 Get !t^
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Don Trip “Where I Come From” Don Trip "Not Today" (OFFICIAL 2 days ago   02:38

First single from the new album "Don't Feed the Guerrillas" available on CD & Digital 3/15/19 - pre-order from iTunes here:

Directed by: JBlack901
Produced by: Kangaroo809

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