Google Pixel 3a Impressions: Flips A $99 Laptop?! - Pinebook 1 day ago   06:44

Marques Brownlee
Pixel 3a flips the normal formula of a midrange Android upside down!

Google Pixel 3a:

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Just switched to the Pixel 3a and I have no complaints. Coming from a Moto G6 on 8.0 and a iPhone SE, adjusting to the new Pie navigation was kind of hard at first, but now it feels really natural. Also, helloooooo great camera!
Mohammed Yusuf
Pls do a review of the infinix note5
Joel Philip
Is the full review coming soon....?
Chiku Jenamoni
Where can i get that mkbhd wallpaper in pixel 3a?
tommy brockman
I know after those 2 turns in that game you said “this shit is stupid” and uninstalled it 😂
Is the pixel 3 waterproof?
Solar Robot Mustache Robot
The a in 3a is affordable.
Rafid hassan oney
Tasya V
Everybody's raging that it only costs 400$, I bought mine for 366€ plus a free Google Home Mini.
Vijay Deshmukh
Wallpaper used on the phone???
Justin Viola
headphone Jack. Thank you, Google. Best decision ever 😂😂
udon mask
I'm using an S8 with poor battery. Should I get this as my daily driver? Thanks
3A or 3A XL?
Jordan Rivera
I would buy it in a heart beat but I don’t want it to slow down, apparently noticeably since every video has mentioned it, within the the first year or so. I’d rather pay more and have it stay snappy longer.
Matthew Seth Crews
My dad doesn't want me to pursue a career as a content creator. Help me prove to him that people actually do this stuff!! Any person who subscribes will help the cause. PLP
A flagship camera for 400$ price tag, simply
Nida Saif
Loooooved this video! Especially the headphone jack part made me smile haha. Subbed. ❤
What a breath of fresh air. Much more reasonable than $900+ phones. Lots of people will start questioning whether it is really worth it going for expensive flagship phones - especially people that aren't using their phones for crazy intensive tasks and just basic things
Joel Pankratz
Jack...? Is that you...? Is been such a long time...

Suddenly I'm interested in a Pixel.
Dotimi Okiy
I need that wallpaper 😆
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A $99 Laptop?! - Pinebook Google Pixel 3a Impressions: Flips 1 day ago   13:59

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