Download iCloud to Samsung With How to Transfer Contacts, Pictures, and More 8 months ago   11:42

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Keep your data from phone to phone can be difficult, especially when going from Apple to Samsung. Use Smart Switch to download your iCloud back up and start right where you left off in your messages and much more. You can transfer: Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Bookmarks, Alarms, Pictures, Videos, Wallpaper and much more!

Galaxy S8+:

For other transfer methods visit this playlist:

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Comments 185 Comments

It's working with out double authentication OFF story...mine is ON, still Samsung received all data from iCloud.
Downloaded all contacts, notes and etc...very good....bye bye to Apple...
Chase B.
Can you redownload paid apps that you bought on ios to android?
Mirshad Muzny
Hello sir,
So how to transfer the whats app total backup from iCloud to Samsung mobile?
The same way you did it will restore the WhatsApp back up too ,to android?
Виталий Полещук
WhatsApp doesn't move, sadly
Chris Marshall
also no option of clouds and account on samsung galaxy
Chris Marshall
and if you can't turn off 2 factor authentication you're stuffed
Shannon Eberhard
Worked for me! You are a wonderful angel of the inter webs. Many thanks!
Papous Creative Studios
can i transfer from android to ios too?
Rajneesh Shukla
Really helpful.
Jiwoo Ahn
What if I can't disable the two factor authentication? It's no longer available. Is the transfer not going to work?
ThePGW Slice
What i want is that i want to tranfer my samsung cloud data to my iphone, is there a solution?
Michael Butcher
So im transferring my apple iPhone 7 plus to my new note 9 and everything switched over even my apps. but when i click on my games it wants me to start over like i never played. So is there a way to get my game info from i phone to the note 9 i didnt want to start over?
Bill Janzent Quinto
Will this overwrite the details/info in the new Galaxy phone?
Juhi S
does that backup and restore all the whatsapp datas too?
Felie S
Hatur nuhun from Sukabumi, Indonesia 👍 it's very helpful brother
Krishna Prasad
verymuch useful
Fang Jie Lim, Benny
Two thumbs up!!!! u saved my life !!!!
Where it says about WiFi on the data transfer, does move all WiFi networks from my iPhone to the Samsung without having to put the WiFi password in?
will this work with transferring from iPhone 6 to sony xperia xz?
Maz Taylor
apparently there is no option for turning two-factor authentication off now :(
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How to Transfer Contacts, Pictures, and More Download iCloud to Samsung With 8 months ago   07:44

How to Transfer Contacts, Pictures, and More from Android Phones to iPhones

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