LaMelo Ball SQUARES UP with LaMelo Ball vs Julian Newman 2 days ago   10:03

LaMelo Ball went head to head with Daishen Nix who proved a worthy opponent, keeping the crowd entertained with his flashy game. Spire pulled away and got a 30 point win.

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Bustdown Laurent
Lavar is a good ass father. Nun bad to say bout this man. He put his kids over everything.
Did anyone realised Watts missed Jackson’s handshake twice at 5:49?
How high can Myron Garner jump?
Dhamir Daugherty
Royal Tee85_TV
Rocket Watts be balling
Khalil Carlson
Lamelo actually passes rly well now
These titles always be a reach
Antonio Drew
Yooo #0... Rocket Power dude is a problem! Homie is very polished and scores effortlessly
Monsterman 1701
Rocket watts is better than ball I think he can dunk and he drains every three and he got good handles all ball has better is the passing skills
worthy oppenent but won by 30 lmao come on son
I'm in Goat Mode
Rocket Watts is ballin out.
Anthony Lowe
He might be flashy but lamelo a better all around player looking forward to him playing in the nba once he gets a lil meat on his bones its gg👌👌
Jacob Schleicher
this is such clickbait how dare you do this to your viewers. THEY DO NOT SQUARE UP!!!!!!!
daishen alaska god
Talon Slaton
Number 0 is a beast
I would've gave a thumbs up but I didn't know the the score the whole game.
Clint Orris
Julian's hairline is stuttering...
Riley Sizer
Number one on the yellow team did the same euro step hella
This game was overflowing w sauce.
tekt reap
4:14 my man needs to stop skipping leg day
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LaMelo Ball vs Julian Newman LaMelo Ball SQUARES UP with 2 days ago   09:11

LaMelo Ball vs. Julian Newman was a MOVIE. Spire took a big dub 117-80, and LaMelo dropped 14-10-12 plus five steals. The whole Downey Christian team had 12 assists... Julian played solid and had a cool 15, but Spire was too nice with it. Rocket Watts did his thing (19 pts) and Isaiah Jackson was catching oops. Will either or both of these guys make the league?? Let us know in the comments.

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