How tall can a tree grow? - Valentin Why elephants never forget - Alex 2 days ago   04:46

What makes a tree grow tall? And do trees ever stop growing? Explore how photosynthesis and gravity can affect and limit the height of trees.


Reaching heights of over 100 meters, Californian sequoias tower over Earth’s other 60,000 tree species. But even these behemoths seem to have their limits: no sequoia on record has been able to grow taller than 130 meters. So what exactly is stopping these trees from growing taller, forever? Valentin Hammoudi investigates why trees have limited heights.

Lesson by Valentin Hammoudi, directed by Doug Alberts.

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Oddly Specific
Does this mean there’s also a limit to human height? Or no because the muscle that pumps the blood can grow?
The PokeCuber XD3
So if we plant a tree upside down hanging in a long hanger, will it hav e unlimited height?
jeffyStreet 123
Nah, the block limit for the world is 280 blocks. that's why trees stop growing eventually.
Brianana Yang
Paige C. Hoch
What do you mean about negative pressure?
sam can
Can a tree grow infinity meters???????
teresa bautista
Phloeam sap
Jack is not in the box
2:18 Giggity
Sound effects where at greater volume then the narrator's voice but over all amazing video!
Hamidul islam
I love the art style so much😃
Krzyś J
If we eliminated gravity would it mean a tree could grow much higher? Or would the lack of gravity cause even more problems with providing nutrition?
OG Baguette
Trees might be able to grow higher in places where gravity isn't as strong
Amerhomsxman Amerhomsxman
Thanks for Arabic translation 😚👍👍👍
epSos Premium
*Wind is a huge issue for trees.*
Super tall trees would need to stand in very strong winds.
01:12 Harmonica?
Sulfuric Anal Juice
Are you telling me that Canadians are a bunch of kind vampires who feed on the lifeblood of trees?
عباس العامري
Best YouTube channel in the world .... But I hope that all the video goes back to the Arabic language
Aiman Ali
Hhhhh grade 8 biology
Well, if you cut it down, then you’ll never knooooow!
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Why elephants never forget - Alex How tall can a tree grow? - Valentin 2 days ago   05:23

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It’s a common saying that elephants never forget. But the more we learn about elephants, the more it appears that their impressive memory is only one aspect of an incredible intelligence that makes them some of the most social, creative, and benevolent creatures on Earth. Alex Gendler takes us into the incredible, unforgettable mind of an elephant.

Lesson by Alex Gendler, animation by Avi Ofer.

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