How tall can a tree grow? - Valentin How parasites change their host's 1 day ago   04:46

What makes a tree grow tall? And do trees ever stop growing? Explore how photosynthesis and gravity can affect and limit the height of trees.


Reaching heights of over 100 meters, Californian sequoias tower over Earth’s other 60,000 tree species. But even these behemoths seem to have their limits: no sequoia on record has been able to grow taller than 130 meters. So what exactly is stopping these trees from growing taller, forever? Valentin Hammoudi investigates why trees have limited heights.

Lesson by Valentin Hammoudi, directed by Doug Alberts.

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Oosmacapa XD
So, if we plant a tree upside down, how tall would it become since the gravity is pulling the sap down?
Andyyy Wu
1:12 my ears are gone now.
sukma suci Safitri
If this is how i learn about floem and xylem back in middle/high school, damn right i would ace my exam!
Tyger131 Awesome
Phloem Sap is my new spirit animal!
They are so adorable!
-tan s
No its clearly just a cell tower.
Johnny P
Question time ep 1 please
Anorepio- -SAI

敗けた 娼年Kimeseku
I Hope they would make a video about state flow.
Francisco Pinto
They didn't mention how this area has a nearly constant mist, helping with tree's water needs despite besides what it gets from its roots.
White Rose
Can you please make a video of Essential Tremor?
chetna shama
Where is Khalil Gibran did you guys forgot about the bard of the Washington Street.
Milliana Rakuzen
this made me appreciate trees more than before
James gamer
Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
If you cut it down, you will never know.


Canyon Lione
If you cut it down then youlk never know...
Peng Fei Dong
*How to make tree taller:* GIVE IT A HEAAAAARRRTTTT (Californian Teen Develops New Field of Herbaceous Cardiology)
Minecraft Pig
*Trees are the genuine MVP of organic life*
Isaac Shirley
Most of the tallest tree facts in the video are about Coast redwoods, not the tree commonly referred to as Sequoias. The common name Sequoia refers to the Giant Sequoia, which grows in the Sierra. Coast redwoods are the tallest known trees, and they grow in the coast ranges of California.
Bae Dohyun
If we could terraform Mars, and if we could build biosphere there.
We will be able to see a deep forest with 300m tall trees
JK Channel
TED-Ed the tallest trees on earth are Sequoia Sempwevirens or the Redwood not Sequoiadendron giganteum, the giant Sequoia, Redwoods grow in the coastal ranges of Norther California and Southern Oregon, Sequoias grow in the Sierras
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How parasites change their host's How tall can a tree grow? - Valentin 1 day ago   05:14

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The biggest challenge in a parasite’s life is to move from one host to another. Intriguingly, many parasites have evolved the ability to manipulate the behavior of their hosts to improve their own survival -- sometimes even by direct brain control. Jaap de Roode details a few parasites that can really mess with the mind.

Lesson by Jaap de Roode, animation by Andrew Foerster.

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