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The AVGN reviews the Aladdin Deck Enhancer! In this Angry Video Game Nerd (episode 167) the Nerd gets the gift that keeps on giving from Aladdin... an upper decker! Well, the Aladdin "Upper Decker" Enhancer for the NES that is. This piece of toilet waste was made in 1992, during the decline of the Nintendo Entertainment System by the guys who made the Game Genie. It has very few games, like Big Nose Freaks Out, a bunch of Dizzy the Egg titles, and of course Micro Machines. The Nerd WISHES he didn't have to review it!

**in order of appearance**

Aladdin played by Tony from Hack the Movies

Genie voiced/animated by Kieran

Special thanks to everyone that sent us clips and helped out!

Gaming Historian
Game Sack
Stop Skeletons From Fighting
Mega 64, Rocco
Cannot Be Tamed
John Riggs
Ircha Gaming
Radical Reggie
Erin Plays
RGT85 - Shawn
Candi's Classic Game Shrine
Game Dave
Pixel Game Squad

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Special thanks to all the YouTubers who sent in clips for the ending. Check out the description for links to their channels! AVGN fire NES skin by CustomNESGuy:
ShowGun 78
That "genie" is totally the "techno viking"
Onestop Funstop
I hate your videos. They Suck. You're mad about old computers being old computers.
How many times can you go back to that same well and make the same video, over and over again.
We all know 40 year old computers aren't like computers made 40 years later.
Why don't you compare the home video game systems from the 1930's and 1940's to the ones made in the 1980's.
Maurilio Mendonça
LoL kkkk
Brady Hickman
wheres the nintoaster
Christopher Adams
I kinda like Quatro Adventure. I had the gold cart version as a kid and I actually got some mileage out of Robin Hood and Boomerang Kid. Dizzy was almost interesting and probably would have been if I could figure out what the hell I'm supposed to do. Linus Spacehead really does suck though.
Please keep the Bad Disney Movies out, thank you. This is Angry Video Game Nerd, not Nostalgia Critic
Ben Malsky
James, you didn’t actually damaged your NES Model 2 did you? Gaming Historian says they are hard to find.
20:21 Holy Shit! Rocco Botte from Mega64?
16:21 actually, there is one difference...
the one on the left says 1992, while the one on the right says 1991
Olidevan Segar
1:58 when you try to charge your phone with a new cable that you just bought
Travis Lindberg
13:01 just spit out cereal laughing thanks mate hahaha
Dizzy games on the Spectrum 128k were boss.

PS - Quit the ADR shizzle. Ma nizzle.
Luigi guy Channel
6:10 Let’s *Play* DiZZy
John Doe
20:23 Watch dem titties bounce.
Johnny Speedboat
Can we all take a minute to appreciate the fact that Candi’s Virtual Girl is autographed by James Rolf (AVGN)
Robin Browne
Looks like P. T. Barnum was right.
Pesky upper deckers!
deep_fried_letuce 132
Bro I'm a hella big fan
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Star Wars: Masters of Teras Aladdin Deck Enhancer (NES) 2 days ago   08:48

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