Givi Went to Trash. Another How Was Legendary Donetsk Commander Givi 2 days ago   04:48

Founders and main leaders of Putin’s “Russian World” fascist concept started to mysteriously disappear one after another in non-combat circumstances:

19 September 2016: Yevgeny Zhilin, one of the organizers of Donbas militia, was murdered in a restaurant in Moscow:

16 October 2016: Major terrorist commander Arsen Pavlov (nicknamed Motorola) was blown up in elevator in his apartment building:

27 January 2017: Valerii Bolotov, former leader of “Luhansk People’s Republic” (territory of Ukraine’s Luhansk region currently occupied by Russia) was poisoned in Moscow:

8 February 2017: Major terrorist commander Mikhail Tolstykh (nicknamed Givi) was killed in his office by a Schmel anti-tank missile:

One would hope that it is some Ukrainain agent 007 who is wiping out the most influential Russian terrorists one by one.

Yet, most probably the situation is much simpler: they are being exterminated to hide Putin’s connections with the war in Ukraine. Putin understands that sooner or later he will be tried at the International Criminal Court and he doesn’t need people who can testify against him.

These people have accomplished their purpose and now can be disposed of.

By the way, this video footage, on which Givi tortures captured Ukrainian soldiers, also served as a scenario for one of the episodes of BBC's war-game film about the probable Russian aggression in Latvia. Watch this movie here:

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Suka w piachu na ostro raz, poproszę.
Antoni_ XD
fuck the all russian people :@
Nuno Pereira
Don't put the fault on Russia
Thanks God that son of goat was utilized eventually.
iLhAcZ Live
Yea, This is place for Ukraine
Guillermo Adrian Gonzalez
Fuck putin.
Dragon Doom
lmao he trashed on the Ukrainian army lmao #Russia
Forza Juve
Suka Givi Death )
Fuck ukraine
U.K Air rifles Hunting&Target
stinking mess the whole lot. Propegated by greed on the west and the need for security in the east. But i Know if a Welshman or Ghalic man was not allowed to teach their language their would possibly be outcry but pacification makes people not truly free. Yes on a material level many might do better. But what is life without a soul. We Vote but we vote for candidates chosen for us
Always a pleasure to see this destructed office, feels good man
Law School
I'm happy Ukrain killed Givi
rick grimms93
sarebbe stato un onore morire al tuo fianco
Toni All
asde trefle
Cette explosion? Un lâche acte terroriste, ni plus ni moins.
Fisik fisik fisik fisik
Hahahah son of a bitch givi
Edwin Rivera
Metin Levent
Burn in hell mother fucker. 🇺🇦
Adolf Hitler
The Anthem played like shit at the end was nice. lol
Ras tislav
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How Was Legendary Donetsk Commander Givi Givi Went to Trash. Another 2 days ago   04:38

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