Givi Went to Trash. Another Fear of war in Ukraine - Power struggle 2 days ago   04:48

Founders and main leaders of Putin’s “Russian World” fascist concept started to mysteriously disappear one after another in non-combat circumstances:

19 September 2016: Yevgeny Zhilin, one of the organizers of Donbas militia, was murdered in a restaurant in Moscow:

16 October 2016: Major terrorist commander Arsen Pavlov (nicknamed Motorola) was blown up in elevator in his apartment building:

27 January 2017: Valerii Bolotov, former leader of “Luhansk People’s Republic” (territory of Ukraine’s Luhansk region currently occupied by Russia) was poisoned in Moscow:

8 February 2017: Major terrorist commander Mikhail Tolstykh (nicknamed Givi) was killed in his office by a Schmel anti-tank missile:

One would hope that it is some Ukrainain agent 007 who is wiping out the most influential Russian terrorists one by one.

Yet, most probably the situation is much simpler: they are being exterminated to hide Putin’s connections with the war in Ukraine. Putin understands that sooner or later he will be tried at the International Criminal Court and he doesn’t need people who can testify against him.

These people have accomplished their purpose and now can be disposed of.

By the way, this video footage, on which Givi tortures captured Ukrainian soldiers, also served as a scenario for one of the episodes of BBC's war-game film about the probable Russian aggression in Latvia. Watch this movie here:

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Snowflake Hunter
This can stop if you just give in to beautiful Mother Russia.
Resad Qarayev
Terrrorist Russiya....Ukraina❤
He exterminated a lot of Ukrainian nationalist scum, he will always be remembered as true Russian hero!
luka bogdanovic
he was good at killing you ukrainian nazi peaces of shit
Koi Bunny
act like a animal be put down like one, unfortunately this war makes to many men into as such.
Ram Shan
Great hero commander Givi will always live in the hearts of all russians.
One Shot
He is not afraid to die because he is brave
The Russians will burn in hell. Because the Russians are cruel terrorists. Ukrainians are strange people. I hate fascist Russia!
Fuck you NewsUkraine. Bunch a propagangish fascist whores. we'll fuck u hard ya sissies.
Don't fuck with Russians if you don't want to be fucked 10 times harder ! ;) Simple. XD Yet you morons still do it...
I am so happy this fucking asshole serving THUG-ruSSiya was killed. He thought he was some reality TV star and he died in a burning Hell of his own creation. I am very happy the world has one less sadistic THUG-ruSSiyan asshole. 10,000 more I say
US and your fucking propaganda. Go eat GMO watch Kardashians and sleep with your kids as you use to do. Go celebrate free gay world and let the rest of the world to live free how they like. For somebody being a gay, vegan, is not normal and this is freedom for us to live in traditional family to protect our friend and territory is freedom. US have the biggest terrorist organization and name is US military
D. Karol Toni
Russia =nazis
SnickleFritz 420
i died when the shitty sounding russian anthem started playing
He was killed when he was no longer useful to Russian interests
Glad this scum is dead
Say what you want about him, but the dude was a real gangsta
Tim Nugent
He got what was deserved !!!! I wish no harm to anyone but he was the animal !!!
King Of Combat
Lol why is one of the groups called "Somali"?
Şinasi Kicioğlu
Russian dog burning in the hell.
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Fear of war in Ukraine - Power struggle Givi Went to Trash. Another 2 days ago   28:30

On the eve of presidential elections in Ukraine, the power struggle on the Sea of Asov is coming to a head. The Sea of Asov borders both Ukraine and Russia.

Both states have the right to use it. Yet Russia is setting up obstacles to shipping on the sea. What if a situation similar to that in Crimea is threatening this region? Oleksandr Oliynyk, director of the port of Mariupol, is convinced that ‘Russia wants to destabilize our region and is exerting economic pressure to acquire what it failed to get in 2014.’ The economy of Mariupol has been suffering since the start of the war in Eastern Ukraine. The amount of cargo handled by the port has plummeted. Difficulties for ports in eastern Ukrainian were exacerbated after the opening of the Kerch bridge, connecting the annexed Crimean peninsula with the Russian mainland. Freight ships with a height of more than 33 meters cannot pass under the bridge, and can no longer reach eastern Ukraine.
Russian border controls and the coastguard body of the FSB, the domestic Russian secret service, make matters worse, costing money and days of waiting for the ship owners. Fewer and fewer shipping firms are willing to call at eastern Ukrainian ports. ‘Of course we’re worried about losing our jobs’ says Artjom, a docker who has been working a reduced four-day week for some time. His colleague Sergej, at the neighboring shipyard, has had his hours cut since the beginning of this year. Everyone here is feeling Russia’s increasing pressure and dominance. Many are afraid that the war could also soon reach Mariupol.
The documentary accompanies people in Mariupol and Berdjansk through their daily lives, just a stone’s throw from the front line. Their livelihoods are inextricably linked with the Sea of Asov, and they are at risk of becoming embroiled in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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