Russia ATTACKS Embassy in bizarre Why are Ukrainian Tanks Moving to Poland? 2 days ago   03:34

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BRITAIN has been accused of using the deepening crisis in the Ukraine as an excuse to stir up anti-Russian rhetoric in an extraordinary attack by Kremlin diplomats. Thank you for watching.
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Raymond Roache
How are you doing at 55 Savushkina Street in Saint Petersburg, Russia?

The Internet Research Agency (IRA; Russian: Агентство интернет-исследований, also known as Glavset and known in Russian Internet slang as the Trolls from Olgino) is a Russian company, based in Saint Petersburg, engaged in online influence operations on behalf of Russian business and political interests.

The January 2017 report issued by the United States Intelligence Community – Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections – described the Agency as a troll farm writing, "The likely financier of the so-called Internet Research Agency of professional trolls located in Saint Petersburg is a close Putin ally with ties to Russian intelligence," noted that "they previously were devoted to supporting Russian actions in Ukraine—[and] started to advocate for President-elect Trump as early as December 2015."

The agency has employed fake accounts registered on major social networking sites,discussion boards, online newspapersites, and video hosting services to promote the Kremlin's interests in domestic and foreign policy including Ukraine and the Middle East as well as attempting to influence the 2016 United States presidential election. More than 1,000 employees reportedly worked in a single building of the agency in 2015.

The extent to which a Russian agency has tried to influence public opinion using social media became better known after a June 2014 BuzzFeed article greatly expanded on government documents published by hackers earlier that year. The Internet Research Agency gained more attention by June 2015, when one of its offices was reported as having data from fake accounts used for biased Internet trolling. Subsequently, there were news reports of individuals receiving monetary compensation for performing these tasks.

On 16 February 2018, a United States grand jury indicted 13 Russian nationals and 3 Russian entities, including the Internet Research Agency, on charges of violating criminal laws with the intent to interfere "with U.S. elections and political processes", according to the Justice Department.
Altaf Gohar 77
Long live Putin's
Altaf Gohar 77
Long live Russia
Rajubally Yassin
InshaAllah UK Will Be Destroy
jozsef osztronkovic
UK the med evil mentally ill war criminal we hope those emigrant Muslims will destroy Zionist England for ewer
Nhia Moua
I'm ready to fight for ww3 if usa need.
Nhia Moua
Let know I'm ready for ww3
Red haired Gangstah
man i hate these robotic narrations.
Joe Gerhardt
This was john McCain Hillary Obama bull shit don't fall for it trump that slizey German commentator he got a leg to stand on
Nhia Moua
Ready for ww3
J b
The fake Ukraine President must be destroyed this is the whole problem the west knew he not going to win. So they start a crisis with russia just to keep this monster in power set up bt Obama in 2014. Total wrong doing by the U.S.
CMDR Viriatus
this is a fake news channel
Long life Ukraine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ben 10
Slideshow . Post a video not just slideshow
Cheryl Caliwan
good job russian
Dragos Panescu
Stupid war games provided by the printed to spend regardless the REAL problems of this world village...
Truth Betold
Just think if war disappeared on this world..and all borders disappeared..and everyone starred putting knowledge to litterly making earth a higher technology planet..and taking care of the people. .but always a but...will never happen do to people love money and power...and to keep it they need conflict. ..what a shame for every 2 steps forward we always take 1 1/2 step backwards..learning at a snails pace...Blame everyone on all sides...and the brain dead that follow thinking without thinking and following without looking...we are a dead planet..but no one has realized it yet except for a few..
Mark Pritchard
Current Ukraine govt. should get the boot.
Arthur Rankin
Russia is playing the world with threats. But they did completely shut down the Uss Donald Cook. Like hitting a power button. Makes you wonder why Armageddon is faught by horse. 🤔
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Why are Ukrainian Tanks Moving to Poland? Russia ATTACKS Embassy in bizarre 2 days ago   14:32



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