3 Renewable Energy Stocks Dividend Renewable energy in India: Tech 1 day ago   04:30

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Solar stocks have had a very ugly year, but there's one group that even the most risk-averse investors out there should take a closer look at: Yieldcos. Listen in to why the power producers have great long-term prospects, and should prove to be the safest, most reliable stocks in the renewable energy and solar industry. 
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Ben Wehrman
NEP is my largest holding! I have a lot of confidence in NEE to pave the way for them.
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Ranger Rick
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Renewable energy in India: Tech 3 Renewable Energy Stocks Dividend 1 day ago   13:02

Harvesting renewable energy, solar power, waste management - these concepts have been much explored across the world in the last decade. But has India made its presence felt in this field? Maybe not in the last few years, but now things are changing around. Upcoming start-ups are giving the renewable energy sector a new lease of life. Just how are these start-ups setting new benchmarks in this field, Ankita Sinha and Lakshmi Sivadas find out.

Watch full show: http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/heads-up/renewable-energy-in-india-tech-startups-bringing-in-innovation/347072?yt

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