Woman Claims As A Child She Was Tied Dr. Phil SHUTS UP Spoiled 17-Year-Old... 1 day ago   04:34

Dr. Phil
A woman claims she was abused for 19 years by the people she thought were her parents. She describes burns, beatings and scars.

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How inhuman do you have to be to do that to an innocent child?
Lucy Revelez
This video makes me mad poor lady she went thu a lot I hope she’s better and happy she deserves it and god bless u and I see how she’s very scared 😱 I’m happy there are in jail there going to pay for all the bad things they did to the poor lady 😞😭
heather._ .privv
i honestly wish they were sentenced death or got beat the same way she did
IsGaming Bruh
Its so SCARY, SAD, GROSS when a demon takes on the costume of a priest to try and cover the devil in him.
Camden’s Mommy
My heart hurts so bad for that girl & the pain she had to endure by these two devils!
Carma Falcon
The parents and their biological kids are trash. We don't need people like that on this planet.
I heard the old bastard died in prison .
Vern Doll
She’s so scared omg I’m like hurting for her just washing this. I can’t even imagine how traumatized this women is 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖
Vern Doll
Omfg this poor girl did not deserve this. I don’t think literally anyone deserves to be brought up by some evil people like that.
Daisy Sanchez
This is by far the worst abusive I have ever heard! 😔💔
Sierra Malella
Those aren't Christian's those are Satanists!
your moms right big toe hair
i am beyond sorry for her the things she had to endure and do are beyond so so sad. i cant imagine how much pain she went through this is sickening.
Faye D'Ercole
I hope someone does the same things to her kidnappers that they did to her.
People who do this deserve the death sentence
Landon Fise
😢 man. How can one bounce back from years of torture like that.
So disgusting that the woman didnt get life in prison, or better death Penalty. :(
the part about how she knocked out her teeth was hard enough.. then hearing she forced her to BITE on the broken off teeth until they crusted back into her mouth and were black? I feel ill :( this almost never happens with these videos, damn
This story legit changed me ....what kind of [email protected]$# up people are in this world? This woman deserves to live her best years from now on.
How can people be so disgusting !!! ??? Yuck .... They need to rot for what they did to her :(
krrly Crrsq
Omg this women is a truly survivor.
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Dr. Phil SHUTS UP Spoiled 17-Year-Old... Woman Claims As A Child She Was Tied 1 day ago   10:59

Dr. Phil SHUTS UP Spoiled 17-Year-Old...

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