Awkward Lap Dance Leads To Bizarre My Body Is Like An Expensive House 1 day ago   25:40

Josh Wolf

Sometimes at the end of my late shows I invite 3 audience members up to the stage to do an interpretive dance battle. One of them made me laugh so much, she gave me an awkward lap dance and her boyfriend got super jealous.

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Trueraider777 8
Fuck yea I would've left to, that's disrespectful to who you're dating grinding on guys, if you want to be a party animal an grind on random dudes then dont get mad when a respectable man leaves you
What was the thing with the waitress?
Manic Crow
Wait did the boyfriend come back? Man what a cliffhanger
Love the way he riffs with his audience. in many ways I think this is funnier and more entertaining then just telling jokes.
The edible girl Brittany was really looking for attention. Trying to grind on josh. And then trying to dance with the girl waitress.
Beaudoin Motorsports
So did the guy come back?
Beaudoin Motorsports
Yep, the laugh is amazing hahaha i think the Edibles helped
He looked so scared 😂
Mathias Ringdal
I wanna see the 4 dollar shimmy
Lil Ashley
It's kinda cringey but liiiiikeeee
AJ Turner
Oh come on, you don't know Leroy Jenkins????
fandome master
fandome master
That's the difference between a butcher maker and Michael Jackson?
One cuts meat while the other beats it
I_don’t_care _about_you
My dance style

*couch patato* @[email protected]
Dakota-Jenette Richer
...but i wanted to see the 4 dollar dance
Saunteroses instagram
22:18 asian Elon musk
I don't know why people are saying that dudes an asshole or leaving her she obviously can't handle her Edibles and she's obviously been drinking and she's obviously into Josh touching all over him and stuff and shaking her ass on stage. so why would he stay. People say real man wouldn't be insecure like that but I don't think a real man will let a his girl do him like that
Stuart Luig
Her kid is gonna fucking die laughing after watching this.
gabby campbell
What a shitty thing to do, she was just fucking around.
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My Body Is Like An Expensive House Awkward Lap Dance Leads To Bizarre 1 day ago   04:43

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