Awkward Lap Dance Leads To Bizarre They Lie! 1 day ago   25:40

Josh Wolf

Sometimes at the end of my late shows I invite 3 audience members up to the stage to do an interpretive dance battle. One of them made me laugh so much, she gave me an awkward lap dance and her boyfriend got super jealous.

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Ricky T.
The cringe hurts
Johnnie Watson
Crystal Rogers
You are fucking crazy!!!! And I love it!!!!!!!
Honestly she wasn't doing anything wrong in my opinion, she was having a good time nothing got perverted or raunchy and she can't dance for shit, but she enjoyed herself... I'm sure she can find a better guy!!!!!
Todias Wheate
Todias Wheate
What shies is he wearing??
Thrasher Thrasher
Comment meme format
Watch at night
Die inside laughing
Outside: Wheezes loudly
Rock Diesel
Hard to watch. Watching arm wrestling elbow failure videos is easier
David Morrow
I hope someone calls their dance style messy just to see his reaction
Ivan C.
Hoes will be hoes
uhh sk8
She did that infront of him.. what about when he gone😶
I’m actually glad her boyfriend left because he probably respects himself
Emelee Rodriguez
Girl: My name is Brittany.

My head: Don't you dare!

Me: Its Brittany bitch.
Michael Groves
butthunder 12
So much cringe
She is a slut, he is a dick. We can all agree why she is and everybody talking about a real man yada yada yada. A real man has his woman under control. A real woman should value her man but yeah everybody is jumping in relationships
Jakob Chance
Ok, fuck the stupid cunt grinding up on a guy when she has a boyfriend. That's completely unacceptable. He's not in thr wrong at all.
William McCammon
I would've at least made sure she got home okay if I were Josh. Hope he did.
Gage Altman
My edible kicked in
Leo The Dark Knight
Honestly I would’ve left not because she was dancing like that with another man but because she was cringy as fuck and didn’t want to be associated with her lmao
Sp Pandey
It's 4:20 here
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They Lie! Awkward Lap Dance Leads To Bizarre 1 day ago   08:35


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