How to know your life purpose The Science Of Yogic Breathing | Sundar 2 days ago   10:33

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Adam Leipzig has overseen more than 25 movies as a producer, executive and distributor. and has produced more than 300 stage plays and live events, and he was one of the founders of the Los Angeles Theatre Center.

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Suka-suka Gaming
"How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes"
The video itself 10 mins long.
My life purpose is to make content for other people. What’s yours?
Kamil Horvát
I haven't watch the talk, but one thing immediately struck me: Why is it almost 11 minutes long, when the title says that only 5 minutes are needed to know my life purpose? WTF? Seems to me, like this guy is trying to bullsh*t me and everyone else as well.
Uncle Shredded Wheat
If this video didn't help you find the purpose of your life in 5 minutes, you missed the fact that the video is 10:33
Casa Rio
I'm not sure about life's purpose, but I did learn that I am now, after watching this, uniquely and "supremely qualified to teach" others not to waste even 5 minutes with this particular TED talk :)
Casa Rio
The way he frames and presents this, it is really more about how to figure out your job's purpose (and all the examples he gives at the end are related to occupation). Fact is, most of us do not (or should not) derive our life's purpose from our "job". Most of us dont even like our jobs, let alone all that other business. When I did the exercise, I was answering more generally about being (or trying to be) a caring, compassionate person. This leads to answer #5 being that my kids/family/friends may get some happiness out of the care and love they are shown. How disappointed to learn he was on a very narrow wavelength.

I actually did it again based on my work (and yes I am passionate about it, most days)...but this just doesnt ever ring true or fully defines me or my purpose.

Some TED talks are so inspiring and informative....some others, not so much. But it at least helps us to understand that when one sees a title like "learn purpose in 5 minutes"...its probably an empty promise :)
My Design
Have a drink ov water dude
Steven Sadowski
Irrelevant, we are bound by the rules of society and regulations.
Rob Smith
This guy keeps talking in circles...i call Kenny circles...
John Schneider
I stopped it at 4:52 because I don't feel qualified to teach anything :/
Brice Hannah
A 10 minute video on how to do something in 5 mins? Huh I’m suspect already
Matthew Tenney
Real purpose can only come from a Creator. Those who reject the idea of a Creator MUST invent something that will give them the illusion of having purpose then deceive themselves into thinking it's real. Or keep so busy they have no time to think about it.
Franco Zampetti
I couldn't even figure out what his purpose was let alone mine.
Big Smoke
How to know your calling in five minutes. Ten minute video. Unsubscribed.
Danny Mcgauley
I’m an optical engineer.... window cleaner
Most people don't like their jobs because even if you are doing something that you like don't want to do the same thing for 50 years every day. That is why most people are unhappy in their lives.
Rayden Kundera
All this what he said is bullshet. I make a bet, he doesn't have a clue about his purposes of life.
All the best to all
Player360 7u7 9
Díganme que no soy el único que viene por Joseju
Marvie Cadacio
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The Science Of Yogic Breathing | Sundar How to know your life purpose 2 days ago   10:41

Rather than examining what takes your breath away, Sundar Balasubramanian, a radiation oncology researcher studies what breath gives you. A deep breath relaxes, and he explains it creates significant beneficial changes in physiologically relevant biomarkers. From his translation and application of one of the more than 3,000 poems in the ancient script Thirumanthiram, Dr. Balasubramanian, has made an important discovery for public health and offers a simple 1-2-3 exercise for well-being.

Born in Tamil Nadu India, Sundar Balasubramanian studied yoga starting at a young age from his father and uncles. Graduating from Gurukula, he majored in chemistry, and yoga, meditation, prayer and group singing also part of the curriculum. In 1999, Dr. Balasubramanian came to Charleston, SC for post-doctoral research. Except for three years working at Yale, Charleston has been home since. His work with other Medical University of South Carolina scientists includes a Yoga adjunct for various diseases. Based on Dr. Balasubramanian's interest in Tamil literature and Yoga, he collects ancient scripts. Applying the translation of one of Thirumoolar's writings to his yoga breathing practice launched the idea for his groundbreaking study of yoga stimulated salivary biochemicals and how they affect human health. His future goal is establish to conduct research on mind-body exercise, from various cultures, to learn any social and therapeutic potential for integrative medicine..

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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