THE DIY CHALLENGE 13: Kian & JC vs. LaurDIY Wicked Witches - Escape the Night 2 days ago   13:38

✂ The K&J Video!

uuuu already know whasssuuuUUUUPppPPPPPP!!?? K&J duke it out to see who can give me a cooler sleeve of tattoos (post filming update: it took me over an hour to get these off lol). Let us know in the comments whose side you like better!! slash should I get any of these permanently??? (sorry mom) SEE U WEDNESDAY!
♡ XO lauren

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omg this collab was out of control hahahaha are u #TeamRockOn or #TeamEgg!?
PS if u ever need to remove a sleeve full of temporary tattoos... BABY OIL!!! 😂
Alania Coons
Softball Girl19
Heather Gauert
Brisk Lemonade
Team rock on
Alexandria Butterfield
#teamrockon BABY!!!!
Deffffff jccc
tessa nolan
ella estep
Kians is sexy but Jc is more of my type of art so Jc arm sorry Kian i love you Kian!
#teamrockon !!!
Amy A
Gia’s Vlogs
Duuudeeee #team egg all da wayyyyy
hey it's faith
Parkie Bear
Team rock on for sure!
Angelika M
Team rock on
EDaddy Mari
Eileen Barraza
“Stick it lick it” “Ah no”
Emma Bell
(just now commenting lol)
Kian- Wait, how do you do this?
JC- Just stick it, lick it...
Lauren- NoPe
Reireb 31
Vee Rib
Collab with the Dolan twins!!!!
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Wicked Witches - Escape the Night THE DIY CHALLENGE 13: Kian & JC vs. LaurDIY 2 days ago   27:41

The Wicked Witches have been cursing the people of Everlock, and the YouTubers are next. The remaining few must quickly undo the curses in order to cleanse the seventh artifact… or so they think.


Joey Graceffa:

MatPat :

Rosanna Pansino:

GuavaJuice :

Safiya Nygaard:

Teala Dunn:

JC Caylen:

Manny Mua:

Nikita Dragun:

and Colleen Ballinger:

Available with YouTube Premium - To see if Premium is available in your country, click here:

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